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Tips & Tidbits!

Clean Clay:
by Pat Smith

I make tiny things, and a little piece of lint or whatever that would not be noticed on a piece of jewelry can really ruin a tiny face!

I keep a wad of Blue Tack™ (Blue Tack is a putty for sticking things to the wall, like posters. It's softer and stickier than a lot of other putties) on my desk and I constantly pick it up and roll it between my hands when I change tools, use the pasta machine, etc. This picks up stuff before it gets on the clay. I also use a little piece of it to pick up dust or specks of blush, glitter, or whatever that has landed on my creation. It's a MUST-HAVE for me!

— Pat

Cool Clay:
by Leigh Ross

My favorite tip, especially when I'm putting clay on glass in the summer, is to put an ice pack next to me to cool my hands off, and it helps the clay to stick to the glass!

— Leigh

Rub & Buff:
by Crafty Owl

Not exactly a tip - but recently I came across some stuff called Rub'n'Buff™ - a metallic wax in a tube. It is WONDERFUL for clay, especially highlighting impressed textures. I made some beads, added some leaves from one of Judi's moulds, baked, waxed with the antique gold colour and buffed and I think they look great because the gold is on the surface of the leaves only, with the veins still the clay colour.

This stuff is an American product, and unforunately I can't get all the colours - but I have the golds, silver, black and white.

— Crafty Owl.

Cane Tip:
by Marianne

My tip is something that most long time clay users know already, but is something us newbies need to know. Let your canes rest before trying to reduce them. Yes, it is hard to do because you want to see what happened, and if it worked. But it really does pay off to wait. The best cane I have ever made I forced myself to wait two days (really I probably only needed to wait one day but I was scared to start reducing) and it worked great.

— Marianne

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