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PCC Chat 2
PC Calendar 2001
with Trudy Schwarz-Burrill

Click Here to Download a Zipfile of this Chat

February 16, 2000:

** .Trudy just joined "Clay Chat with Trudy" (7 members now) **
.Deb> Yeah!!! Trudy made it!!
.JM> hi trudy
.JENNY P> I had a devil of a time getting the chat to work, maybe others are having problems too
JTAFT> hi trudy
.Elizabeth> Hi, Trudy! Yay! You beat the gremlins, too! :-)
.Trudy> Yeah I can not believe it. I have been rebuilding my computer and Microsoft is about to drive me bannanas.
.Elizabeth> Jenny, it's really bad, lately.
.Elizabeth> MS will do that. *g*
.JENNY P> Hey ziggy hows you doing?
.Trudy> WasvI suppossed to be here at 9 or 10?
.Elizabeth> They make some fantastic products, but, getting them all stable with all your other programs can be a real piece of work!
.Elizabeth> Ten, Trudy, you're fine.
.Elizabeth> I'm great, Jenny.... my new domain went live today, and I'm so jazzed!
.Trudy> Cool so where were you all at?
.JENNY P> what time is it eastern right now?
.JM> 10:53
.Elizabeth> Indianapolis... almost eleven.
.Deb> I'm in North Texas... almost 10:00 here
JTAFT> same in NC
JTAFT> eleven i mean
.JENNY P> OK I was right, it is almost 10 here
.JENNY P> trudy I have a question for you
.Trudy> Domains are really cool its like having a hme on the net and I felt really great when mine went live that was about a year and 3 or 4 months now I guess.
JTAFT> what new domain are you talking about ziggy?
.Trudy> Ok Jenny what can I maybe tell you?! eeks
.Elizabeth> my new website, to move everything from homestead's sucky code! LOL! Everyone will be able to see the pages how I laid them out, for a change! :-D
.Elizabeth> Oh, cool, now we have a lag!
.JENNY P> when we send our pictures, must they be of the actual item, or can they be representive of an Item I will make for the calendar if accepted?
JTAFT> oh good, then i can find out how to make bubble bottles!!!!
.Elizabeth> Good question!
.Trudy> Jenny, The entry piece you send in MUST match exactly the piece you send to us later if you win. Any difference and you can be disqualified!
.JENNY P> darn, I wanted to do a father christmas, but don't have any on hand right now
.Elizabeth> And the due date is coming up quick, isn't it?
.Elizabeth> End of this month? Or first of March?
.Trudy> I know that sounds harsh but it is really only fair way to handle it. You have to see finally what was juried in, not a resembelence of it. Make sense?
.JENNY P> OH it makes sense, I was just hoping!
.Elizabeth> Trudy, have you had time to get a "breather" and do some of your own work, lately?
.Trudy> Yes the due date is that your entry slides MUST again in bold letters she says be postmarked by the first of March.
.Elizabeth> Hmm... well, that opens the window a little wider. *g* There's still hope!
.Trudy> Elizabeth yes thanks for asking. I am doing a lot more work again. I limit myself to three days of calendar full on and three days of clay and other related thinkgs I need to do.
.JENNY P> Pictures are acceptable right? maybe if I get my a** in gear I can get one done, photographed and mailed by then
.Elizabeth> Jenny, drop everything and get your Father Christmas done! ;-)
.PattiClay> wow Jenny, just my question too!
.Elizabeth> Hi, PattiClay! Glad you could beat the gremlins and join Trudy. :-)
.JENNY P> ( sound of light bulb breaking on floor) I dropped it ziggy!
.PattiClay> Yeah it took me 2 suystem froze last time!
.Elizabeth> Oh, that's good that you are setting aside some time to do your own stuff, too, Trudy.
.Elizabeth> That will help keep your batteries charged.
.Elizabeth> Jenny, you're cwazy. ;-)
.Elizabeth> You're supposed to break it AFTER you bake it.
JTAFT> Trudy, I am a newbie to PC so please forgive my ignorant questions, but is your business a retail store?
.PattiClay> sooooo, is it OK to send a photo?
.Trudy> Yes I have decided that I can accept pictures. I want people to not fear entering contests. I have to tell you all that several of the people who are in this years calendars have gotten book requests and some very wonderful opportunities they may not have had otherwise, and that is why I do this. I will accept good guality photographs. I can not accept polaroids
.Elizabeth> Wayyyyy cool! Photos allowed!
.Julie> HI PC friends!
.JENNY P> Well then there is a chance, but no promises
.Trudy> Hi Julie
.PattiClay> so, if accepted then you will have us mail our originals in?
.Julie> Trudy, I know I am a little behind but can you send more than one entry?
.Elizabeth> Hi, Julie! Trudy's here to unwind and let us barrage her with questions about this next calendar, which she is accepting submissions for.
.Trudy> Of course there is a chance.. If you have made something you know is good or even if you don't know its good but your family and friends tell you it is believe them and take a chance! I mean it
.Trudy> may change your whole life! My career changes it seems daily lately
.Elizabeth> Oops, I see that you already knew that, Julie ;-)
.Trudy> Not my career my vision or my direction
.Julie> Ziggy I try to keep up
.Elizabeth> Hehee... well keep up for me, too, Julie!
.Elizabeth> Trudy, I know exactly what you mean!
.Julie> you got be he
.JENNY P> trudy will the judges be submitting entries for jurying too
.Trudy> The jurors get a space in the calendar. they must follow all the guidlines just as everyone else does. They just are in they are not juried in. They also folow the theme and write one for the calendar just like everyone else. Have many of you here tonight entered if I may ask?
.Elizabeth> How many entries have you received so far in comparison to last year?
.Julie> Not brave enough
.Elizabeth> I'm hoping to, Trudy... will have to drop everything else and scramble to finish something. *g*
.PattiClay> Can I submit a picture of a piece I re-create? (the original is out for an upcoming article)
.JENNY P> I haven't but am seriously going to try get some things done here so I can
.Trudy> The entries come in spurts. I am not allowed to see them or the names or anything. So I am not aware of what comes in until I go to jury. Bob will tell me we got some entries today or not.
.Deb> I'm very very new to this, so I'm just listening and learning tonight :)
.JENNY P> Are works acceptable if they have been displayed on a web site?
.Elizabeth> Trudy, I think it's awesome, the effort that you put into the anonymity.
.Julie> Where can I find the rules and regulations. I may have a piece that would do
.Elizabeth> Deb, have you seen the calendar for this year? It's gorgeous!
.Deb> No, I haven't seen it. Is it on the web somewhere?
JTAFT> what kind of marketing goes into the sale of the calendars, Trudy?
.Elizabeth> Amazon has a picture of the cover, Deb.
.Elizabeth> And the review on PCC has a few of the pictures in it.
.Deb> I'll go over and take a look
.PattiClay> Trudy, if I have one piece of which I am working on a second, and a photo of it, can I submit the photo?
.JENNY P> It really is awesome and inspiring!
.Elizabeth> Trudy should tell you that blood, sweat and tears go into the marketing. ;-)
.Elizabeth> The piece that you submit has to match the photos that you send in, exactly, Patti.
.Julie> Oops that goes the telephone, Pooh well I will have to check Thanks for you hard work Trudy. Ziggy talk to you later
.Trudy> Thanks Elizabeth I do try really hard to be careful to not get information I shouldn't have. Like I don't want to be wondering when I am viewing something is this hers or his. I like to look at it open minded. I get people sending me thei websites all the time. I decided very early on last year not to look at them. I really shouldn't because I don't want to be influenced. Its very hard to be a juror. The decisions are very tuff - so much terrific work out there its incredible.
JTAFT> Oh I'm sure !!!! Not to mention just putting it all together!!!
.PattiClay> Can we send a scan of it then Trudy?
.Elizabeth> Trudy, I can't imagine being a juror! No way!
.JENNY P> Patti, I don't think a scan would give you as good quality as you want
JTAFT> is there anything specific you look for as a juror?
.Elizabeth> And that first calendar, you were flying by the seat of your pants, too... not even knowing if it would fly, or not!
.Trudy> Ok can I get a moderator. I can not keep up. I can't follow and when I try to read something it jumps even if I hoold the scroll bar. I want to answer everyones questions PLEASE
.PattiClay> Yeah, that is true....but it is quick in the meantime I get a photo done..Thanks for the info! Anserwed my questions!
.PattiClay> Thanks!
.Elizabeth> Okay, if you have a question, type "/queue question,question,question" without the quotes, and your question will go to Deb.
.Deb> OK, that will work :)
JTAFT> lucky
.Elizabeth> Bossy, aren't I? :-)
.JENNY P> (giggle) I will NOT respond to that
.Elizabeth> I think you've answered all the questions, so far, Trudy. I will check.
.Deb> Not bossy, you just know how to take control
.Elizabeth> Good goil, Jenny!
.Elizabeth> Trudy, Jane was asking about what went into marketing these calendars... it's been quite a journey for you, hasn't it?
.Elizabeth> Deb, you have such a diplomatic way with words! :)
.Deb> :)
.Trudy> They are going to be in several new locations this year. Colorado Card and Curiousity will be selling them. They will be in their catalogs coming out in May
.Elizabeth> If you have a question for Trudy about the calendar, please use the queue system.
JTAFT> Is there anything specific you look for as a juror?
.Elizabeth> Terrific, Trudy!
.Trudy> I am also working with a book and magazine store distributor as well as a craft store distributor. So these people woill be marketing it as well. Last year I did all of it. Next year I will have the help of companies who are distributors to almost 300 companies world wide and they tell them what they should buy.
.Deb> If y'all will just type Q, I'll keep track and let you know when to ask
JTAFT> sounds like a large exposure
.Trudy> It is a lot of exposure. Also this year the calendar ended up in magazines and webpages, etc, that I had no idea exsisted. I think that is amazing.
JTAFT> that is amazing!!
.Elizabeth> Jane, your question?
.JENNY P> how many did you print? and did all sell?
.Trudy> I get these phone calls that blow me away from people whom I never dreamed would call me and they want to tell me things like "this is the nicest art calendar I have ever seen" and stuff. This is from editors of books, magazines etc. Its a mind blower!
.Elizabeth> Well, you did a mindblowing job of putting it together! It's deserved! :-)
JTAFT> Thats great!!
.Trudy> I ordered 2500. It is sort of an un-numberered limited edition. I will never reprint this years calendar. Being the first I wanted to do this. I just thought of it too late to include the numbering!
.Elizabeth> Jane, go ahead with your question.
JTAFT> Is there anything specific you look for as a juror?
.Trudy> Next year so far I have doubled my order. Because I have the orders to fill them. This year I have sold almost all of them. so far no count but I have like 4 or 5 boxes left and there are like 40 to 60 in a box I'm guessing.
.Elizabeth> Hello, Lysle!
JTAFT> opps, forgot I was JT tonight...
.Elizabeth> Great going, Trudy!
.JENNY P> Hi lysle
LYSLEJR> and the discussion presentlly is on?
.Deb> Hi Lyslejr... we're chatting with Trudy about the Clay Calendar
.Trudy> Jurors look for guality craftsmanship and ingenuity and uniqueness. First and formost!
.Deb> This is a special guest chat
.Elizabeth> And in order to show all of that, you have to provide excellent photos.
.Elizabeth> Go ahead, Jane.
LYSLEJR> are we talking about camera photos or digital photos?
JTAFT> Do you get the piece back or is it put on display?
.Elizabeth> The calendar will accept photographs or slides for the submission process.
LYSLEJR> Personally I find the digital camereras below par for this kind of work. How about you?
.Trudy> Exactly. If your photos are not good not only will the jurors need to have a good view of the piece there should be no distracting props in the phots like tvs and couches in the background. If you don't win a main calendar spot you can get in the calendar as a special guest in the calendar's body. The reason the photos need to be good is that the entry photos are the ones that are used for the special guest spots and if they are not good enough to get a good quality print for the calendar, even though the piece may be well worth being included, it can not because it would look like printer's error. That would hurt the quality of the calendar.
.Elizabeth> Go ahead, Jenny.
.Trudy> Digital cameras are wonderful for there purpose they are not good at all in my opinion for printing from and for entering competitions. I agree with you.
.JENNY P> I was wondering if I have an item that has already had exposure on my web page if I can still enter it for the calendar? Or do you want items that know one has seen yet?
.Trudy> Well thats up to you. I personally would rather the stuff that shops up next year in September in the calendar to be fresh not stuff people have been seeing forever. That is a very hard question to answer.
.Elizabeth> Lysle, your question? :-)
LYSLEJR> what is the normal finished print size?
LYSLEJR> and equlivant CPI
.Trudy> In 2000 the calendar was 14 x 14 total. And 14 x 28 open on the wall. Next year the calendar will be 12 x 12. Last year each winning piece had a 6"x 6" view of the piece. Each winner also got a theme of 150 words or less and a photograph of themselves and a short bio/artist statement
.Trudy> Do you mean what did I have them drum scanned at? What DPI are you asking about please?
LYSLEJR> Or should I say the inch x inch size.
LYSLEJR> I normally scan at 2,400 dpi
.Trudy> The final drum scan for the actual film to be made to print the calendar was at either 600 or 1200 DPI
.Trudy> Scanning something at 2400 DPI for computers is a wast of space on your hard drive. For printing the way it goes is by what is the final pixel or inch by inch amount to be blown up to that counts.
.Elizabeth> Trudy, does your head just spin, sometimes, with all the stuff you've learned in the last year?
LYSLEJR> I scan high edit and then reduce.
.Trudy> Don't you know it. I never knew I had the capasity to learn so much in one year let alone have a memory about any of it!
.Elizabeth> LOL! Sounds like me!
.Trudy> At first it was all above my head. So I called and asked questions to everyone I could think of!
.Elizabeth> Go ahead, Jenny :-)
.Elizabeth> And you pick it up as you go along...
.Trudy> I guess thats how come I can answer these kind of questions now! : ~ )
.JENNY P> Do we have to have the item up for sale? Or can we decide to keep it ourselves?
.Elizabeth> BRB
.Trudy> Yes this year and from now on the items will ned to be for sale unless the exhibit part is at a museum and they don't sell!
.Trudy> Whats BRB
.Deb> Be Right Back
.Deb> Ziggy just stepped away for a minute
.Trudy> Oh ok see ya in a few!
.Deb> Lyslejr, your question is next
LYSLEJR> How much and what kind of photo maipulation can we expect to occur at your end?
.Trudy> Well say we view a piece with the entry slides and we didn't see somthing like we can see when the piece arrives - like a surface that is not entirely level. We will make it look level like it should. Or we would take out a finger print if we saw it and it just stuck out like a sore thumb. We don't want to change anyone's work. We work very closly with the printers and do color matches until they get their printers tuned to my color specs! Sometimes this task can take hours to just get the ok from me to print. I want the colors to be as true to the real piece as possible.
.JENNY P> Well I think the colors on the first one turned out great!
.Trudy> Also The photographer comes to the printers and the graphic designers, myself and husband BOb and last year Peter Hastings. We all go to the printers to get the color off the printer we all agree is the right combination!
.Elizabeth> Hey, that's cool, Trudy! That's a lot of work, too!
LYSLEJR> Having the piece in hand would really help then.
.Trudy> I don't know if anyone remembers but I was originally going to have it printed in Japan. Well I got warned from so many people the colors may not be true so I changed printers to US printers for that reason. More control of the final product.
JTAFT> Trudy, good luck with your calendar, can't wait to see it or be talented enough to be in it and thanks for all the information. Gotta go to bed now, good night all!!!!
LYSLEJR> Well It's been nice chatting. Maybe some day, Just some day, I will have someting good enough to submit. But don't hold your breath.
.Elizabeth> Thanks for dropping in, Lysle!!!
.Elizabeth> Good to see you!
.Deb> Good night Jane, thanks for coming tongiht
.JENNY P> I think you and the printers did a great job!
.Deb> Good night Lyslerjr
.Trudy> Well the photographer is there and we as well, and he has taken care to get the photos right colored first. So we know what we have in the transparency is correct. Then its all about geting different the several computers it all goes through lined up color wise the same way
.Trudy> Yes thanks Leslye you gave the people some real insight about the procees with your questions and the care we actually take to get it right.
.Joanie> I have troubles getting photos done... it would be easier to just send the piece outright for me.
.Trudy> Thaks for the compliments on the calendar - it is a labor of love. I was so afraid none would like the design I drove myself nuts!
.JENNY P> Joanie, you should have said something sooner, you could send the items to me and I could take the pictures for you
.Elizabeth> Trudy, artists will do that! Make themselves crazy. :-)
.JENNY P> Trudy the compliments are well deserved!!
.Trudy> We can not accept any pieces as jury entries. You can get a friend to help. You can buy 6 rolls of film and take the same photos in different places in the yard or in different angles etc. You'll be surprised you'll get good photos if you really spend some time taking them.!
.JENNY P> LOL! sounds like me! I never think my work is good enough
.Trudy> There you go - an offer from a friend you still should have plenty of time to do that ladies. It will just cost a bit more in postage but that will work. We even took a photo for someone last year. Well, actually BOb did,. because he is not a juror so he could do that.
.Joanie> what IS the deadline now?
.JENNY P> The problem now, is to get Joanie to the post office!!
.JENNY P> Trudy do the applications need to be postmarked before March 1, or is March 1 OK?
.Joanie> No... the problem is to do something new, fast. I just took everything to the gallery.
.Trudy> It was Bryd, she couldn't get a photo and she sent her pieces to BOb and he did it as a favor for her. She then actually got juried into the calendar! How's that for not feeling like you could do it and wow you end up in there! She was very grateful. Bob made the offer to her so she took him up on it. I didn't know what the pieces were or aything. One of her pieces made it in one didn't.
.Trudy> The deadline is postmarked entries by March first!
.Joanie> I was thinking of trying to get in... but then the flu hit & I'm too behind I think.
.JENNY P> Joanie I have a fishie here already, I would be willing to take pictures of, but only if you replaced it if it got in!
.Trudy> As long as it is postmared the first not the second you are cool.
.Trudy> I bet your gallery would allow you to remove a piece to photgrapgh for a few hours and bring it right back!
.Joanie> Oh no Jenny.. I could never promise you one you liked as much. Don't worry about it!
.Joanie> Oh yah... but if it sold, I wouldn't be able to send it to you If it makes it in!
.Elizabeth> I've got to dash, kiddies, but, I'm so glad I got to chat with y'all ...
.Joanie> bye Zig!
.Deb> Good night Ziggy
.JENNY P> Night Ziggy
.Elizabeth> Love ya muchly, and thanks Trudy! You're such a good sport about this chat stuff! :-)
.Trudy> Ya know sometimes the piece doesn't sell and then if it made it in the calendar it would be a very good piece to own of an arist's. I used to teach people how to invest in art and make money at it.
.Elizabeth> Nighty night!
.Trudy> Nighty night Ziggy!
.JENNY P> I could use some lessons like that Trudy!
.Trudy> Thanks for stopping in I enjoyed it very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.Trudy> Lessons like what?
.JENNY P> On how to make money on art!
.Trudy> Oh how to buy art and make money. There are certain things to look for - a change in style the first and last of a style. Many many ways to tell. Limited edition prints are differnt than originals or mono prints. It's an interesting class.
.JENNY P> Trudy one of your jurors is very familier with my work, do you think that would affect the results of the jurying process?
.Trudy> First and last of a style is what I was tryin to say. Say an artist does a portrait and usualy does scenes - the portrait is an important step in their focus and becomes a remembered piece.
.Trudy> I am familiar with many peoples works. If a juror gets to a piece that she thinks is by so and so and they want to be sure it is in fact that person they call bob and ask is this so and so's? If the answer is yes than that is a good thing they will keep it in. If the piece is recongnized as someone's and the name does not match then the juror would assume it was a copy and would most probably disqualilfy it. That is what I do.
.Trudy> Did I make that clear. I am trying to type fast and making terible mistakes sorry!
.JENNY P> Trudy that sounds like a good course of action, thanks You're doing fine Trudy :)
.Deb> You're doing fine Trudy :)
.JENNY P> Oh heck don't worry about the typing, we understand
FIMOLADY> Hi all-what's up?
.Trudy> Do you guys have any questions about the theme?
.Joanie> what theme?
.JENNY P> what should we know about the Theme?
FIMOLADY> is this still the calendar chat?
.Deb> We're talking to Trudy about the clay calendar
.Trudy> Every year I write a theme and it is how the guidelines are set up. Each piece will have a 150 word or less description of how the piece is the theme to them.
FIMOLADY> the theme is visions of the millenium? in clay?
.Trudy> The theme changes yearly. This year it is Visions of the New Millennium. Next year it is called The Synergy of Art and Music in Clay, in the world, in your future, in your hopeful dreams or your deepest comncerns. How do you see it. Either the direction of polymer or your life or the world! Your choice - you make it all come together with the piece and the theme.
.JENNY P> Oh golly! I just read that! That makes it hard for me, I just create what comes, I don't usually have a theme in mind
.Joanie> me too Jen!
.Trudy> YOu can read it at Do you need an entry form?
.JENNY P> Oh I have an entry form that is where I was reading, I just never thought about it until you brought it up
.Trudy> You would be surprised how much you can learn about yourself, your craft, and so on when you work to an instruction. I developed these calendsars as learning tools for all of us as well. They are all in a sense an art lesson.
FIMOLADY> can you enter on that webpage?
.Trudy> Every art class I took as a kid in school I hated. I couldn't and didn't want to make what they wanted me to. I wanted to make what I wanted to. I found out in the end everytime that I loved that they made me go through that. It is what made me versatile and able to do commission work I'm certain!
.JENNY P> Which might explain why I don't like commission work!
.Trudy> YOu can get the info from the page but I prefer if you either print it on hard stock or get an official entry from. They hold up better than printer paper. But NO you can not enter electronically.
.Trudy> It would!
.JENNY P> Now that makes entering harder, I just never thought about the theme, I was more worried about acutually getting somehting done, photographed and to the post office on time.
.Trudy> See for me that is what keeps me inspired and interested and challenged.
FIMOLADY> there's only a week and a half left til they're due in?!!!
.Joanie> But this theme is so loose Jenny.... it can be about _your_ vision of where your own art is heading in the millenium... and how you think this piece represents that
.JENNY P> But when I write it, it has to make sense, I am not very good at expressing myself that way
.Trudy> I love change I a good with change. I am a gemini so I enjoy doing techniques and varying them. I also teach and I teach technique and then let the class makes what they want to make. Its strange, but I do that mostly for this medium. And mostly because it is a medium that is new and the possibilites are endless. We can use techniques and adapt them to polymer and that is what I like to teach. Not how to make sometimng.
.Joanie> I understand... me either
.JENNY P> And I don't really know where I am heading
.Joanie> LOLOL!!1 UP!
.Joanie> Trudy... do you have a website?
.Trudy> Look if you can visually make something that is appealing and grabs the eye and gets in if you are not comfortable with what you wrote I will help you with that. this year you are not being judged like last year on what you wrote. this year it is a requirement, not to be scored though.
.JENNY P> Ack! Trudy now I have to THINK! look what you did to me!
.JENNY P> Thanks Trudy, I might take you up on that!
.Trudy> Oh my use the brain how the heck do ya do that?
.JENNY P> it releaves the pressure somewhat
.JENNY P> LOL! Trudy,
.Trudy> I will help anyone in anyway I can to help them get the courage to show the world their work and enter a major Intenational contest to boot! You have nothing to lose but a few dollars.
.JENNY P> I usually just let my fingers and hands think for me, while I daydream and listen to my music
.Joanie> Trudy... do you have a personal website?
FIMOLADY> i think what we write is just to help express our vision to those who cannot see it.
.Trudy> At any stage at anytime yuo can email me and ask me anytning. I will do all that I can to assist you. I just cannot view or know what it is you are making or sending . But if you have any kind of technical question or competition question or problem speak up,. The squeaky wheel gets the oil so they say!
.JENNY P> Fimo lady, that sounds right
.Trudy> Yes Fimolady. When someone looks at your and then gets to read how you were inspired to make that particular piece they immediately want to know more about you and go to the bio. I get emails all the time about how intimate the feel of the calendar is. That people feel by reading about the artist and their inspiration is what makes it so amazing
FIMOLADY> s'ok-good-at least I got the jist of the theme- now if i only had an idea of what to make!!!in time!!!
.JENNY P> I will have to read more of the words on the calender, to get a feel for writing this
.Trudy> When a collector desires your works they like to have their guests or others who see the piece ask about it. They can then tell the other person a little tidbit about the artist and it actually helps. YOu now have someone else interested in your work like magic!
.Trudy> I think for this year you could actually sit down and make a piece and write something to go along with it it is so very general.
.JENNY P> LOL well sometimes I do have visions! but I don't know if I want everyone to know that! (joking)
FIMOLADY> ok- gotta get some rest maybe something will come to me in my dreams
.Trudy> With all the new techniques and new products it couldn't be easier.
FIMOLADY> thanks and night all
.Joanie> well it's time for me to remedicate... I'll catch up with you all later.
.Trudy> Liquid Sculpey for instance, flex clay or the new doll clay
.JENNY P> Trudy do you have a website of your work? or just the calender site?
.JENNY P> I have been playing with TLS lately, neat stuff
.Trudy> Good night all I hope you had an enjoyable time. I think this was the best chat I have ever done. I felt more at ease than ever and I thank you all for that. If you have any further questions for me you can email me or call me. All my info is on my site at If anyone would like to continue I am up for that as well.
.Deb> Thank you so much for being here tonight Trudy... it was a great chat!
.Trudy> I am teaching a 5 hour workshp class in July for Liquid sculpey.
.JENNY P> Trudy is your clay work on your web site?? or just the calender??
.JENNY P> Trudy is that in Kentucky??
.Trudy> I am trying to get more up there with my new schedule of three days on calendar and three days on work. It will be getting there at a much more expediant rate.
.Trudy> Yes in Kentucky.
.JENNY P> I will be there also!
.JENNY P> I am teaching a class on caning
.Trudy> I am wriing a book but it is slow going as I just can't find enough time. I have been doing a few articles but again get distracted with calendar stuuff so I guess they will end up in the book or perhaps one day I'll find the time to actually send one in again.
.Trudy> Graet Jenny what is your last name please
.JENNY P> LOL, I jsut can't write! I envy people who can.
.Trudy> I'll look you up there. I will be also taking classes as well gotta absorb absorb absorb!!!
.JENNY P> My name is listed as Jennifer Patterson I think, but I prefer Jenny Patterson
.JENNY P> I know what you mean! I plan on taking a lot of notes too, I can't absorb a lot at once
.JENNY P> It should be fun, I get excited thinking about it, although I have never taught before and that makes me nervous, but I will live through it
.Trudy> Ya know writing is hard but its the confidence we lack not what the quality of the work is ya know. Its like write rewrite do your best. And if it can be better and you are uncomfortable still don't be shy. I actually write stuff like that pretty well. Also Bob and my daughhter are really good as well. so you'll get a good theme if you win. I promise I would not want you or anyone to look bad. Not that I truely believe you can't write though!
.JENNY P> I think I am going to call it a night, thank you Trudy for all your inspiration and help
.JENNY P> gotta get a good nights sleep, lots to do tomorrow, to get my stuff done and mailed on time!
.Deb> Thank you coming in tonight Jenny
.Trudy> I was taught to teach to myself to a camera and then see how you appear. Refine and do it again until it is comprehensive and it flows at a good pace. Time your tasks and time your instruction.
.Trudy> You'll find you'll refine it over and over until you can get it right. I do this for any new class I teach or any new technique I teach.
.Trudy> Good night thanks for coming.
.JENNY P> oh good hints, but I dont' have a video camera, I will practice and time myself though
.JENNY P> good night
.Deb> Trudy, thank you so much for coming into chat tonight.
.Deb> We really appreciate you doing this
.Trudy> Good you'll be fine. Are the program people assisting the teachers who have not taught before to be sure the classes are comprehensive and offering help to the teachers who need it? Most of the conferences do this!
.Trudy> I'd ask someone and it should be free!!!!!!
.Trudy> No problem Deb I enjoyed it . How do I get a log of this ?
.Deb> I'll send you a copy of it in the morning
.Trudy> Thaks so much sweetie. Are we out of here?
.Deb> I think so, it's just the two of us left :)
.Deb> Thank you so much for being here.... I'm so new to clay, but really learned a lot tonight
.Trudy> Ok unless you have anything you would like answered in private? I'll say good noight and thanks a million!
.Trudy> - signed off -

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