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Here's another great cane idea brought to you by Leah Fisch, from, that we're sure you will use! Let's hear from Leah...

"The Rainbow Zig Zag Cane is a simple yet fun project to add pops of color to any project. The best part is that you can’t really mess up!"

Required tools:
  • Polymer Clay in a variety of colors. I chose a rainbow palette of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
  • Pasta machine or rolling pin
  • Thin blade or ‘super slicer’ for cutting your cane

Step 1: Assemble your tools and clay. Determine the approximate size of your cane, and prepare 3-6 pieces of polymer clay of similar size. Remember, this is about having fun not perfection.

Step 2: Condition your clay and flatten them into similar width sheets using your rolling pin or pasta machine.

Step 3: Stack your clay sheets and lightly press them together.

Step 4: This is a fun trick to aid in the rolling process of the jelly-roll cane. Slice the front of your clay stack diagonally using your super slicer so that the bottom layer sticks out most, and the top layer is shortest.

Step 5: Using your rolling pin, flatten and elongate the sheet in preparation for rolling your jelly-roll.

Step 6: Starting at the diagonally cut end, carefully roll up your sheet into a standard jelly roll.

Step 7: Lay your jelly roll on a flat work surface. Using your palm roll the log with very slight pressure to ensure all the colors adhere to each other. This will slightly elongate your cane. Do Not Reduce Your Cane Too Much!

Step 8: Cut off the messy ends till you see a nice jelly-roll pattern.

Step 9: Using your fingers, squeeze the top and bottom of the jelly-roll cane to make it shorter and ‘fatter’. You can use the palm of your hand to press the roll against your work surface.

Step 10: Rest your cane on a flat surface, jelly-roll face side up. Using your super-slicer cut the face of your cane in half as shown.

Step 11: Cut each half into thirds so that you wind up with 6 approximately even pie-shaped components. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Imperfections will result in an overall awesome pattern.

Step 12: Arrange your pie slices in a side-by-side head-to-tail fashion as shown.

Step 13: Squeeze your pie slices together till they have a somewhat square shape.

Step 14: Using your rolling pin, flatten out the sides of the square.

Step 15: Using your rolling pin, reduce the cane by flattening out one side, flipping the cane onto the next side of the square, flattening some more. You can also use your fingers to grab the side of the cane and stretch to reduce.

Step 16: A newly reduced cane will be somewhat warm and very soft. Set your cane aside, in your refrigerator or work area to cool down. (half hour should do it)

Step 17: Using your super slicer, go to town!

Step 18: Decorate your favorite project with your wacky new zig zag rainbow cane and enjoy.

Pictured here is my new miniature sculpting tool set, covered in Zigzag Rainbow Cane,
so that I can create art with art in my hands (click for a larger view). Enjoy!

by Leah Fisch
©2014 Text and Photos

We want to thank Leah for sharing this excellent project lesson with Polymer Clay Central. If you have a lesson or tutorial, or something you would like to share with PCC, please email Leigh or Stephen and we will help you prepare your project for the PCC Website!

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