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8 Polymer Clay Titles From
Hot Off The Press Publications
  • Little Darlings, Shelly Comiskey, 1998. 16 pp ISBN 1-56231-499-8 (11 projects)
  • Clever Clay Creations, Shelly Comiskey, 1998. 16 pp ISBN 1-56231-440-8 (11 projects)
  • How To Do Fimo If You Think You Can't, Delia Determan, 1996. 24 pp. ISBN 1-56231-289-8 (23 projects)
  • Critters with Clay, Shohreh Dolkhani , 2000. 16 pp. ISBN 1-56231-644-3 (13 projects)
  • Fimo Clay Cuties, Janet Farris , 1995. 24 pp 1-56231-256-1 (7 projects)
  • 36 Millefiore Canes, Amy Koranek , 2000. 40 pp ISBN-56231-629-X
  • Super Fun Fimo Soft, Amy Koranek , 1996. 16 pp ISBN-56231-294-4 (25 projects)
  • Little Folks and Friends, Linda Welsh, 2000. 28 pp ISBN 1-56231-601-X (23 projects)
These eight booklets, geared to beginners, are described as containing step-by-step instructions and photos for pre-tested projects which require no experience.

I did a kind of "blind taste test" when the 8 booklets came in the mail and I picked out Super Fun Fimo Soft and 36 Millefiore Canes as the two books I liked the best. They happen to have the same author, Amy Koranek. They also have the best illustrations and the clearest instructions.

36 Millefiore Canes covers the fundamentals of caning and would be a good general resource for any polymer clay crafter's library. The projects in Super Fun Fimo Soft, such as a picture frame, lady bug thumb tacks and Christmas ornaments are basic. The instructions are clear yet simple enough that a child and adult working together could achieve good results. The projects in How to Do Fimo if You Think You Can't are also very simple and, while not as thoroughly illustrated as those in Super Fun Fimo Soft, are also suitable for beginners.

The projects in the other books are a bit more advanced. Fimo Clay Cuties has photographs depicting how each project should look at every stage of construction with corresponding written instructions. The Cuties consist of a bear, mouse, bunnies and a duck dressed in whimsical clothes.

The projects in Little Darlings and Clever Clay Creations are still more advanced. These books are better suited for people with more experience because the figures are more detailed and there are less illustrations. While I am not an student of the "cute" school of polymer clay, I found some of the projects in these two books to be downright adorable. I especially liked the "Barnyard Tangle" which consists of a chicken astride a sheep, astride a pig, all astride a confused looking cow with its legs splayed out. You will also find a Santa, scarecrow, circus clown, bear, and dolls in these two books.

Critters with Clay and Little Folks and Friends contain similar types of designs and characters. They do not contain as many illustrations, but have detailed written instructions.

In summary, the projects are attractive and professionally presented. With the exception of 36 Millefiore Canes, they all consist of whimsically-styled caricatures and animals. Each project contains written instructions and corresponding illustrations. All the booklets contain basic information on working with polymer clay such as conditioning, baking and cleanup.

Look for these books at your local craft store or order them directly from Hot Off the Press' web site, They also have a mail-order catalog which you can obtain by calling (503) 266-9012.

Martha Aleo

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