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Fun with Molds!

Hi Sirs and Ladies (that's what we call people who come to Poly's Clay Castle)!

Poly has an idea for something fun for you to make. So let's make lots of things just alike.

  1. Find a little toy, a sea shell, a snail shell, a button. Something really small and hard.

  2. Wash your hands. Soften some clay. Scraps are okay to mix together for this part. When it is nice and soft, roll it into a nice ball or even block.

  3. Dampen your found object (button, key, shell, or toy) with water. Just dip it into a small plastic bowl filled with water.

  4. Press this firmly into the clay about half-way so that you can still pull it out.

  5. Pull the object out of the clay. (If it doesn't look just right, rework the clay and try again)

  6. Bake the clay at the suggested temperature for your clay. Have Mom help.

  7. After it's cool the fun begins. Now you can press new colors of clay into the mold to make lots more of your treasures in any color you want.

  8. If you dip your mold in water before you put the new clay in, it will come out easier. Talcum powder and cornstarch work well, too. Tap out the extra water or powder before you put in the new clay.

  9. Make and bake several of your new colored pieces.

  10. Ask Mom for a little box with a lift off lid. Ask Mom to help you glue them to the box. Now you have a treasure box just like Poly has in her castle. Of course, you can just play with your new toys, too. Or if you put a hole in them before you bake them, they could become beads for a braclet, a necklace, or a key chain.
Poly's glad you came to play with her today. Come again and look for her new ways to make things.

PS: Be sure to wash your hands after you finish. Don't want to wind up in the Dungeon!

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