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Polymer Clay Central Challenge

Polymer Clay Express Well, the incredible amount of votes shows that the Polymer Clay Central Challenge is going to be a Hot Event, and we thank everyone who took the time to view these terrific projects and then cast their vote for their favorite.

The time has come to name our three winners and all the contestants, and we just want to say how much we appreciate the five artists represented here - all the entries were top-notch examples of fine polymer clay work, and many thanks for making our first Challenge a success!

And now, the winners are...
First Place:  #5 - Marcy Self
Second Place:  #2 - Becky Vandehey
Third Place:  #3 - Genevieve Ciavarelli
We hope you will enjoy the terrific prizes supplied by our great friend, Polymer Clay Express.

And remember, it's easy to participate in the next Challenge - check the rules and just send a project to the address listed here! We'll be looking for YOUR entry!

Michelle Fitch
Detail 1  Detail 2  Detail 3
Becky Vandehey
Detail 1  Detail 2  Detail 3

Genevieve Ciavarelli
Detail 1   Detail 2
Phyllis Frew
Detail 1   Detail 2
Marcy Self
Detail 1   Detail 2
Detail 3   Detail 4

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