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PCC Chats With
Sarejane Helm
February 3, 2004

*LOG at 2/3/2004 Topic - Personalized Tools and Production Techniques:

DonnaPyro: hi Sarajane!
Sarajane: hello!
Kathi: Hiya Sarajane =)
Sarajane: hi there--see ya woke up!
Kathi: sort of
DonnaPyro: lol
Sarajane: its cold--pardon the slow fingers
Kathi: but...I don't get to stay very long DP left her lunch at home when she went to work...silly woman and so I will have to take it to her
Sarajane: oops!
DonnaPyro: oh bummer
Sarajane: still, a chance for lunching!
Kathi: yeah...but I just had lunch with her yesterday
Sarajane: I'm going to a ceramics store today, so we'll stop a bit early.
Sarajane: one of those "crackpots" places
Sarajane: I want to see how well tools cross over
DonnaPyro: cool
Kathi: what are you thinking about getting?
Sarajane: Tuesday is crafts day with me and two GF's
Sarajane: I don't know--have to look---probably start with tiles
Sarajane: I want to see if they have mask blanks
DonnaPyro: oh Kathi, I meant to tell you, the cornstarch clay cuts easiest using thin plastic instead of a blade
Kathi: I use a lot of the stuff in my glass I have a good crossover there....and I also got a mask blank there too....made a mask for the MG challenge on it last year
DonnaPyro: like a thin credit card
Kathi: kewl thanks Donna
Sarajane: are you makeing your own cs clay?
DonnaPyro: that salt will riun a blade
DonnaPyro: yes, from an online recipe
Sarajane: backwhen I did bread dough, I discovered progfessional food colorings...
DonnaPyro: cool
Sarajane: MUCH better colors
Sarajane: hobby lobby and michaeals have them now
DonnaPyro: I've been using watercolor tubes
Sarajane: that's more expensive
Sarajane: but great if ya got 'em
Kathi: I use my tat inks for colors....they rock
Sarajane: you do tats?
DonnaPyro: lol I got them to try to learn to paint... I have a mental block and can't seem to learn painting
Sarajane: I'd like to see more designs like that done on clay
Sarajane: that's where my henna hands are going!
Kathi: I did Sarajane....until my back surgery....and now I can't bend that much so I sold all my stuff except the inks
Kathi: hmmmm never thought about tattoing baked clay....
Sarajane: I'm much more bendable than I was a year ago
DonnaPyro: hmm
Kathi: sheesh...not me...something about a titanium rod that isn't flexible
Sarajane: PC has a nice tooth for drawing
Kathi: I still have one gun and needles left....this could be interesting
Sarajane: no, that isn't going to be helped nutritionally!!
Kathi: sure won't
Sarajane: that would be an interesting experiment
DonnaPyro: yup
Kathi: I think I will add it to my "to do" list...which is only a mile long now
Sarajane: dye inks do well on clay if you let them dry
Kathi: I mixed some into white clay to see what it would do...way nice color
Sarajane: I bet!
DonnaPyro: cool
Kathi: dunno what I will do with it....was a test to see if tat inks worked with clay
DonnaPyro: try baking some of it
Sarajane: yes, did you?
Kathi: I doing the "3 month" wait to see how it holds
Sarajane: how does it withstand the heat?
diamondjenn: *JOIN* Entered room.
Kathi: fine...color never changed
DonnaPyro: hi Jenn
Kathi: hioya Jenn
Sarajane: Hi Jenn!
diamondjenn: hi kids!
Sarajane: yes Kat always good to time-test
diamondjenn: what are you talking about today?
Sarajane: inks, so far--tattoo and otherwise
Sarajane: I looked at lots of historical tat books
diamondjenn: oh, good I did have a question about that.
DonnaPyro: I'm not sure what Tat is
Sarajane: great Maori stuff for mask inspiration too
Kathi: tat=tattoo
Kathi: brb afk
DonnaPyro: oh, I thought it was tatting...whatevere that is lol
Sarajane: that's a needle art too, but with thread, making lace
DonnaPyro: oh cool
Sarajane: much like ctochet (single loop)
Sarajane: crochet, rather
DonnaPyro: I see
Kathi: I tatted once....tied my fingers in a knot...gave that one up
Sarajane: done with a shuttle not a hook
diamondjenn: lol
DonnaPyro: I think I saw someone doing tatting once, on a pillowcase
Sarajane: yep, I never "got" that one either
heather10855: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane: hello Heather!
DonnaPyro: hi Heather
diamondjenn: hi Heather
heather10855: hi everyone!
Sarajane: we're talking about cross-over
Kathi: hi Heather
Sarajane: how skills and tools do well with PC
Kathi: I am really afk...ggp
DonnaPyro: lol
heather10855: ahh, so what have you guys comes up with so far
Sarajane: tattoo inks seem to color clay nicely!
DonnaPyro: I use manicure tools for claying, got them for Christmas
diamondjenn: before or after curing?
Sarajane: though I myself use Ancient Page made for stamps
DonnaPyro: claying
heather10855: hmm, i was just experiments with oil paints and tls
Sarajane: ohh, nail stuff--that would be good!
DonnaPyro: they are perfect
Sarajane: they sell teeny pots of glitter too!
Sarajane: but better to buy from the Art Glitter place
DonnaPyro: lol I don't do anything with my nails, so I just use them for clay
PoKoPat: *JOIN* Entered room.
DonnaPyro: hi Pat!
Sarajane: I have heard good things about tls and oils
heather10855: hi pat
diamondjenn: hi Pat!
Sarajane: Hi Pat!
PoKoPat: Hello all.
Sarajane: acrylics and TLS bubble, but oils don't
heather10855: i love the results, they just came out of the oven and I'm pretty excited
PoKoPat: Genesis paints work well with tls as well.
DonnaPyro: oh, I never thought of oils, can they be used to color raw clay?
Sarajane: Haven't played with those yet.
heather10855: i was able to get some very nice opaque colors.
Sarajane: am thinking of getting some Lumiers, tho
Sarajane: Donna, I don't know if other oils will work, Genesis heat set will
PoKoPat: I have a Genesis sampler pack - they're heat set, so until you cure them, you can just wipe away.
DonnaPyro: ok, I just have regular oil paint
heather10855: i'm not sure about oil and raw clay, just because I know some colors have lead and cadmium which aren't good for you
DonnaPyro: I see
heather10855: they work wonderful mixing it with liquid clay
Sarajane: and many probably shouldn't be heated
DonnaPyro: might not do well heated
Kathi: back
Kathi: hiya Pat
PoKoPat: wb Kathi, and hi.
DonnaPyro: wb
heather10855: i think heating is okay, artists have mixed oil paints with heated wax for a long time
Sarajane: really? why?
DonnaPyro: but those heavy metals are dangerous
heather10855: we did that in art school and they never mentioned it was a problem
Sarajane: melted wax isn't all that hot
DonnaPyro: so is superglue if heat is applied directly
Sarajane: some people bake superglued findings
ljcswartz: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: I've never been very happy with superglue.
Sarajane: hello!
ljcswartz: hi all
Sarajane: why not, PAt?
Kathi: *PART* Left room.
DonnaPyro: we have had warnings in the woodburning community about superglue, it releases cyanide at high temps, we burn at up to 1500 degrees
PoKoPat: Hi Jacky. (is it Jacky?)
PoKoPat: I don't think it holds up well under heat and time.
DonnaPyro: hi lj
Sarajane: Donna, what about at 275F?
ljcswartz: it is "Jackie" :-
ljcswartz: )
Kathi: *JOIN* Entered room.
diamondjenn: hi Jackie
Kathi: ACTION rubs her butt
Kathi: dang anbit
DonnaPyro: I'm not sure Sara
PoKoPat: Sorry about the spelling, Jackie.
Kathi: hiya Jackie
Sarajane: bouncing like Tigger?
DonnaPyro: wb Kathi
PoKoPat: wb Kathi.
Kathi: tanks
ljcswartz: doesn't matter a bit
Kathi: hit the wrong freekin button...I hate it when I do that
PoKoPat: lol
DonnaPyro: lol
Sarajane: Pat, I know what you mean about the glue
PoKoPat: Sarajane, have you ever used Gorilla Glue?
Sarajane: no, haven't tried but did see it at the store--you?
PoKoPat: Yep - it seems to pass every test so far.
DonnaPyro: I want to try gorilla glue, woodworkers seem to love it
Sarajane: Pat, let me know when you have a year old piece, please
PoKoPat: The only one that's pending is the time test.
PoKoPat: Sure will, this one is coming up on three months now.
DonnaPyro: I've heard if applied thick, it will expand and bubble
Sarajane: Pat 'N Pending
DonnaPyro: lol
PoKoPat: Yes, it does. lol SJ
Kathi: ACTION groans
DonnaPyro: hehehehe
Kathi: oooo OOOOO guess what!
diamondjenn: lol
Sarajane: sorry...
diamondjenn: what?
PoKoPat: What, Kathi?
DonnaPyro: what?
Sarajane: ??
Kathi: ACTION gets to go to Klew's clay retreat at the end of May.....DP paid for her registration!
PoKoPat: Yay!!
DonnaPyro: COOOOOL
Sarajane: oooo!
Kathi: was sort of off topic but hey..I am excited
PoKoPat: And so you should be.
Sarajane: not off topic at all!
diamondjenn: real cool
Kathi: my first officail clay thing
DonnaPyro: congrats!
Kathi: tanks
Sarajane: very good start
Sarajane: she's a lovely person, great sense of humor and wonderful work
Kathi: yeah...and it does help that the retreat is only 30 minutes away no travel cost
PoKoPat: brb
Kathi: I go to her shop and drool all the time
Sarajane: She probably gets a lot of that
PoKoPat: back - with munchies.
Sarajane: smart lady!
Kathi: share?
PoKoPat: ACTION passes around bowl of chips
diamondjenn: thanks are they low fat?
Kathi: ACTION dives in and munches away
Kathi: cyber chips are always NO fat
Sarajane: doe anybody here do pmc too?
PoKoPat: cyber chips are low everything
DonnaPyro: lol
diamondjenn: does that mean no calories then?lol
DonnaPyro: what is pmc?
Kathi: no calories either
heather10855: i have been working with it for a few weeks
PoKoPat: I don't SJ
Kathi: I do Sarajane
Sarajane: precious metal clay
diamondjenn: not me
Kathi: fun stuff....combine it with my fused glass
DonnaPyro: oh, I'd like to!
Sarajane: Kathi, would you recommend buying the start up through Rio Grande?
Sarajane: I'd like to learn both, and combine wih PC
PoKoPat: Would a kiln made for enameling glass get hot enough for fusing glass?
Kathi: um...let me go look at what they are offering...hang on
Kathi: yes Pat
PoKoPat: oooh
Sarajane: and some larger kilns will also do for annealing lampwork
Kathi: it high does it say it gets Pat?
Sarajane: most go to 1200?
PoKoPat: I don't remember - I'll have to find the site again and email you the info
heather10855: i've been using the little hot pot
Sarajane: diff. is in interior size and digital controls
Kathi: sj...are you talking about the starter kit that comes with diff clays and the video?
PoKoPat: It's a set up for jewelry work - enameling.
Sarajane: no, I mean buying the kiln and the supplies
Kathi: me and I will tell you but as long as it hits 1500 plus degrees you can fuse/slump glass
Sarajane: you know....whole hog
Kathi: ok...let me find that part
PoKoPat: thanks, Kathi.
Sarajane: I was wondering more about the comparison buying through Rio, the PMC guild, or elsewhere...
Kathi: there are places you can get better deals sj....hang on let me see if I cna find the links for on the laptop and all my links are on the big computer
Sarajane: Thanks Kathi--you can email me later if you would!
Kathi: sure thing...will put it on that evil list I have
DonnaPyro: lol
Sarajane: its still in the planning stages---but I hope to be able to do it this year
Sarajane: I think it goes so well with PC
DonnaPyro: I'd be better off if I had an evil list, my mental one is defective hehehehe
PoKoPat: Oddly enough, pmc work doesn't really interest me.
Sarajane: and makes it ever so much more acceptable in galleries and stores
Kathi: one thing to remember, if you use a kiln for PMC, you really shouldn't use same kiln for fusing/slumping glass
PoKoPat: Personally, I mean. I love to see it.
Sarajane: why, Kathi--I thought you could?
PoKoPat: Why not, Kathi?
heather10855: i love working with it, but i feel like I make a lot of costly experiments!
Kathi: because when PMC cooks down it pops off little flakes that imbed into the kiln wall, which in turn can fall into fusing glass and leave a blemish
Kathi: you also can work PMC with a torch
DonnaPyro: oh my
Sarajane: REally---that's very good to know, as we were going to do both
DonnaPyro: hmmm a torch?
Kathi: should probably ahve a dedicated kiln for each
Sarajane: is that just for pmc3?
Sarajane: shoot---kilns are expensive
PoKoPat: brb
Sarajane: so better then NOT to get one big enough for both
Kathi: there is one kiln I am saving for for my glass...tis only 350 and it rocks
Sarajane: small pmc3 pieces can be fired with a creme brulee torch
DonnaPyro: what happens to aluminum foil in a kiln?
Kathi: Actually sj...if you are going to make small stuff get the hotpot
Kathi: it melts donna
Kathi: brb phone
Sarajane: really---define small, please
DonnaPyro: ok
heather10855: i like the hot pot, it's very easy to use and I get good results
Sarajane: hmmm..I'm very glad we're talking 'bout this before I buy!
Sarajane: how big are you working, Heather?
DonnaPyro: how is the hot pot different from a kiln?
PoKoPat: back
Sarajane: hi!
heather10855: did you see my dragonfly?
Kathi: there's the hot pot...bout the size of coffee can
Kathi: maybe more about the size of a creamer container
PoKoPat: Kathi, enameling kilns only reach 1000 to 1100 degrees.
DonnaPyro: k
heather10855: that was about 2inches long. I make 2 at a time
PoKoPat: So not hot enough for the glass work, huh?
Sarajane: shoot, tried to pop it but it didn't work..sorry
Kathi: then they won't work Pat
Kathi: sowwy
PoKoPat: It's okay.
Kathi: has a lot of good stuff and good prices...I get mine stuff there
PoKoPat: What's the one you're saving for?
Kathi: but I will email you a list fo sites sj
Sarajane: ok, I'll keep all this in mind! 2" is big, my way of doing...
Sarajane: I want to do bead ends, ends for hand beads, etc.
Kathi: Then the hotpot will work perfectly for you sj...and those run about 50 bucks and specially made for PMC
Kathi: hang on Pat
PoKoPat: Ok
Kathi: ACTION is trying to multitask and it aint working today
Sarajane: how many items can you get from a packet?
heather10855: then you might want to give it a try
PoKoPat: s'ok, Kathi.
heather10855: 16gr i get 4-6
Sarajane: not too bad, but still pricey
Sarajane: have to be able to get it back out at wholesale
Sarajane: which means twice that in the end price!
heather10855: larger pieces 1 1/2 - 2"
biancaberg: *JOIN* Entered room.
PoKoPat: That's one of the reasons I haven't given pmc much thought. The cost.
Sarajane: hello!
PoKoPat: Hi Bianca.
diamondjenn: hi Bianca
Kathi: <---that is the kiln I am drooling over
Sarajane: compared to PC, its $$$$
heather10855: hi bianca
biancaberg: Hello ladies
DonnaPyro: hi Bianca
Kathi: they lsit it at 549 but my glass dealer can get it for 350
Kathi: er list
PoKoPat: brb, gonna go look.
Kathi: and now..I have to go take the DP her lunch or she is gonna staaaaaaaaaarve
DonnaPyro: take care Kathi
Sarajane: have a nice time--good to see ya!
Kathi: see y'all later =) and email will be coming in this afternoon with links
Kathi: *PART* Left room.
DonnaPyro: hmmm
DonnaPyro: I'm having Delphi probs
biancaberg: me to
DonnaPyro: anyone here?
heather10855: Sarajane, do you sell alot of beads wholesale?
DonnaPyro: I lost the start page, just errors
ljcswartz: here
heather10855: everything is slow over here
DonnaPyro: can't bring up a profile either
Sarajane: I used to do more wholesale but the last three years have been very slow
PoKoPat: Wow! I see why she's drooling over that kiln.
PoKoPat: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane: I'll go look later when I do the log edits.
Sarajane: oooh! Pat fell off her chair over that one!
DonnaPyro: lol
biancaberg: Hahaha
Sarajane: delphi is bouncy today
heather10855: wow, that must have been some kiln
biancaberg: what's a kiln
PoKoPat: *JOIN* Entered room.
DonnaPyro: wb Pat
PoKoPat: Wheeeee! Bounced big time!
Sarajane: its an oven for baking glass or metals
heather10855: i'm having a hard time keeping my inventory up, i don't know how I could manage wholesale accounts, with the beads anywah
diamondjenn: it's what you cook pottery in
Sarajane: or ceramics
heather10855: opps, anyway
Sarajane: wah is pretty close to financially accurate
PoKoPat: Everything looks weird.
diamondjenn: where?
DonnaPyro: Pat, Delphi is having trouble
PoKoPat: The windows aren't the same. How strange. Here.
DonnaPyro: all my Delphi windows went blank
PoKoPat: I guess - I had to shut down my browser and start all over.
DonnaPyro: except chat
biancaberg: Ahh ha! now i remember
diamondjenn: hmmm, mines ok so far
DonnaPyro: they are back now tho
PoKoPat: Knock on wood, Jenn.
heather10855: i'm doing a bead show in May, sweating a little over that one!
diamondjenn: tap, tap
Sarajane: where at, Heather?
Sarajane: I'm doing Denver Bead Bazaar in April
biancaberg: I'm going to put my kids to bed, Bye
biancaberg: *PART* Left room.
PoKoPat: Bye Bianca.
Sarajane: good bye!
PoKoPat: SJ, when do you have to leave today?
heather10855: it's here in San Antonio, it's with the bead society
diamondjenn: Heather, had problem trying to get on your newletter list
PoKoPat: Kathi said you had to leave early?
Sarajane: I have almost no inventory--a good reason to start working
heather10855: my yahoo group?
diamondjenn: yes
Sarajane: Yes, I should stop around 12:45
PoKoPat: Do you have or want a timer set?
Sarajane: I'm going to "Crackpots" and look at ceramics
DonnaPyro: is that 45 min. from now?
heather10855: it's private, it just says when the new issues are out and what beads i have up for auction. all the good stuff is at
Sarajane: around, yep---no thanks Pat, I have a clock and girlfriends coming!
PoKoPat: Okay. Quick question then?
heather10855: to join my mailing list just email me at with subscribe in the message
diamondjenn: whats private
DonnaPyro: Pat, you are so helpful :)
PoKoPat: hehe
Sarajane: sure, doesn't have to be quick!
heather10855: the email group is private
PoKoPat: Okay. When you test glues or sealers for clay, how long do you like to keep the piece before you consider it's okay to use.
Sarajane: any test has to go through at least one year of seasonal changes.
Sarajane: and really, ya just NEVER know for sure
diamondjenn: then why was it listed in a message on the boards?
heather10855: to join it it's open to anyone, you just can't access the messages and members info
Sarajane: though well applied superglue, in sufficient qty.
Sarajane: will still be good ten years later
PoKoPat: So, the time test is for workability, and also discoloring, etc.?
heather10855: jenn, i'm not saying it right
Sarajane: or at least I have some good pins, earrings, and barrettes that are ten yrs old
DonnaPyro: Heather, your list is available to join, but not to non-members?
Sarajane: right--some colors bleed or are transients, some foils turn green...
Sarajane: hot glue comes off as soon as the temp changes..
heather10855: it's not a private group, there just aren't any messages posted other then my weekly annoucements and to join the best way is just to email
PoKoPat: For instance, I know the gorilla glue will hold - but what I should be looking for now is perhaps discoloring or tackiness?
heather10855: right, you can join, the messages are just unavaible to non members,
DonnaPyro: k
Sarajane: right, and see how the clay is--does it crumble? Do a piece specifically to tear off with pliers
heather10855: thanks, i don't know why that was so hard to say! lol
heather10855: i'm such a nut sometimes
Sarajane: like a pin back, glue it on, tear it off in a month
DonnaPyro: lol I have the same trouble Heather, I'm not very understandable most times :)
PoKoPat: I made a pair of post style pierced earrings. One with gg, the other with another glue.
Sarajane: also with glue--see how it affects other finishes if sealed in a box together
Sarajane: fresh super glue can fog things
DonnaPyro: Pat, it sounds like you need a checklist
PoKoPat: So far (after almost 3 months) I can't pry them apart. And the sealer I used (Flecto) is fine. And the glue held up in the oven.
Sarajane: Pat, you need a test piece baked AND unbaked....
PoKoPat: Why unbaked?
Sarajane: see if there's a comparative diff...
PoKoPat: I never glue raw clay.
Sarajane: I always have tons of little comparison squares
Sarajane: you can tho--Z Kripke does it
Sarajane: I meant baked glue tho
PoKoPat: oh, okay.
DonnaPyro: that makes sense
Sarajane: To see if a piece that;s baked after gluing holds up diff. than if glue never baked
PoKoPat: And the same time and test methods would apply to testing a new sealer?
Sarajane: I list all my variables on paper, then the variables OF the variables.....
Sarajane: yes but add exposure--
PoKoPat: Gawd, you're so much more organized and thorough than I am.
DonnaPyro: lol
Sarajane: Put a piece in your purse, dig it out in a month
DonnaPyro: good thinking
DonnaPyro: purses are war zones
PoKoPat: Have you ever tested anything that stood up to weather and being outside?
Sarajane: I'd be an engineer/scientist if I could do math!!
PoKoPat: hehe
DonnaPyro: lol
Sarajane: Several colors are fugitive outside
DonnaPyro: my brain is math-dead
PoKoPat: translation, please. What's fugitive?
Sarajane: Envirotx is my current study for outdoors
DonnaPyro: on the run?
Sarajane: colors that fade are fugitive
PoKoPat: lol
DonnaPyro: hehe
diamondjenn: lol
Sarajane: its a paint/dye term
Sarajane: EnviroTex
PoKoPat: Okay. And Envirotex is what? A new sealer?
Sarajane: I think is the product--used for bar tops and table surfaces, bowling alleys, etc.
PoKoPat: I'd heard the term fugitive before, but I've never taken art classes, so didn't know what it meant.
DonnaPyro: oh, that two part drip stuff?
Sarajane: You pour it over stuff and make surfaces that are very hard--self leveling.
DonnaPyro: pour, not drip
Sarajane: yep, its an epoxy
PoKoPat: Isn't that what they use to seal garage floors, too?
DonnaPyro: I've wanted to try that stiuff
DonnaPyro: stuff
Sarajane: expensive, but so far not reactive
PoKoPat: You're trying that on pc, Sarajane?
Sarajane: I have a friend whose sister uses it for door-art pieces
Sarajane: not so much "on" as with and "over"
DonnaPyro: but but... how do you let the runoff go? after you pour it?
Sarajane: Its too drippy for jewelry, I think
Sarajane: we did a table, with PC tiles on the edges, also testing squares
DonnaPyro: is it better to use envirotex in a confined area? like pouring it into something with sides?
PoKoPat: So it doesn't really sound ... practical for most pc work.
Sarajane: we modpodged paper art to a table, added some things, poured the stuff on and heated the bubbles with a hair dryer
DonnaPyro: but what about drips on the edges?
Sarajane: no, but potential for larger collage pieces abounds!
PoKoPat: How long has your piece been covered?
Sarajane: that's the self leveling part. Its gloppy, like hot sugar
Sarajane: not that thick tho, and stops at the edges
Sarajane: not quite a year
DonnaPyro: I'm picturing syrup..if you pour it, there will be runoff
Sarajane: right, think taffy
DonnaPyro: wow, stops at the edges?
Sarajane: or at least spun sugar!
DonnaPyro: so it's very thick then?
PoKoPat: And this stuff is made to withstand weather, sun, etc?
Sarajane: it starts to set up quickly
DonnaPyro: ok
DonnaPyro: brb
PoKoPat: ok Donna
Sarajane: *PART* Left room.
diamondjenn: ut oh!
PoKoPat: no kidding. Delphi is being very bad.
DonnaPyro: back
DonnaPyro: uh oh
PoKoPat: Bouncing the host is a no no
PoKoPat: hehe
DonnaPyro: yup
PoKoPat: How crass of them.
PoKoPat: snicker
DonnaPyro: hehe
diamondjenn: bad, bad
DonnaPyro: I'm learning too much for my brain :)
PoKoPat: Don't feel like the Lone Ranger.
DonnaPyro: lol
DonnaPyro: is that you Tonto?
diamondjenn: lol
PoKoPat: Yup, Kemosabe.
PoKoPat: That's a lot of info to process.
DonnaPyro: yes it is
PoKoPat: Her testing methods go waaay beyond mine.
DonnaPyro: that's cause everyone counts on her toget it right
PoKoPat: True. But I need to be that accountable, if only for myself.
DonnaPyro: I like to experiment, but I get distracted too easy lol
ljcswartz: that is what I was thinking.... we can surely get the best results listening to SJ :-)
heather10855: pat have you tried amazing goop?
PoKoPat: Nope. What is it?
diamondjenn: I know, I listen to this stuff, but I have to do my own, for gifts or for sale later on
ljcswartz: true
heather10855: it's amazing goop, it's glue/expoxy. they have it at micheals. when i did work that need to be glued, it worked the best for me.
ljcswartz: but a year later I have forgotten what I did
Sarajane: *JOIN* Entered room.
DonnaPyro: WB
PoKoPat: wb Sarajane.
diamondjenn: lol
Sarajane: geez louise!!
diamondjenn: wb sj
PoKoPat: no kidding!
Sarajane: what a bounce!
PoKoPat: You too? Did you have come back the long way?
heather10855: no one is safe!!!
DonnaPyro: didya have to reboot?
diamondjenn: from here to Toledo?
DonnaPyro: timbuktu
PoKoPat: Heather, is the amazing goop one of those that have heavy fumes?
diamondjenn: lol
Sarajane: yep, hadda reboot well, my log is now not visible---so what did I miss?
PoKoPat: Does it have a warning label about inhaling?
heather10855: yes it does
heather10855: yes
diamondjenn: compliments on your experimenting
PoKoPat: Then I probably can't use it.
DonnaPyro: nothin much, we were just being amazed at how much we learned! :)
PoKoPat: You did miss one question from me, SJ.
PoKoPat: Of course.
PoKoPat: hehe
Sarajane: what that, Pat?
PoKoPat: Is the Envirotex supposed to protect from the elements, sun, etc.?
heather10855: oh pooh, so not only does it have to be durable, it can't be toxic!
Sarajane: I think so, but will have to find the paper work--there's an indoor restaurant and an outdoor version
DonnaPyro: ah
PoKoPat: Not if I'm gonna use it, Heather. Respiratory problems could be bad for me.
DonnaPyro: so it is food safe?
Sarajane: this stuff is not too overwhelmingly smelly but we did it in a garage
heather10855: my mom is the same way. i understand!
PoKoPat: That's okay. Thus far, I'm very pleased with Gorilla Glue. And no fumes.
Sarajane: once set, this stuff is used in restaraunts--but thats differnt than when making it up
DonnaPyro: ok
Sarajane: I can not use E6000
Sarajane: tooooooooo smelly
DonnaPyro: could it be used on a salad bowl?
PoKoPat: hmmm, wonder if it would make pc usable with food?
diamondjenn: So Pat you have found that Gorilla Glue will hold post like finding to cured PC?
Sarajane: I would not, Donna--Do something under glass for food use
PoKoPat: So far, but it's only been 3 months.
DonnaPyro: under glass?
DonnaPyro: like a tray?
Sarajane: how's thegorrilla glue on sensitive skin like earlobes?
PoKoPat: Like the back of a glass plate or bowl or tray.
DonnaPyro: oh good Q Sara
diamondjenn: I just saw GG last week, i knew I should have bought it , to play with
PoKoPat: It wouldn't touch the skin, Sara.
Sarajane: or challice or cup or votive...
PoKoPat: But, I've gotten it on my skin, and no reaction.
PoKoPat: Other than a few blue words for clumsiness.
Sarajane: so you don't go outside the edge, or do you cover the finding, Pat?
DonnaPyro: hehe
PoKoPat: I press the finding into the raw clay, bake the clay, apply the glue to the clay and water to the finding and set.
Sarajane: I'm going to all covered findings
DonnaPyro: Pat, coffee just came out my nose on that blue words remark lol
PoKoPat: rofl
PoKoPat: sorry Donna.
PoKoPat: If you covered completely, SJ, why would you need glue?
DonnaPyro: all better now ty
heather10855: what do you mean sarajane?
Sarajane: for the strength
heather10855: all covered findings???
DonnaPyro: what do you cove findings with?
PoKoPat: Ah.
DonnaPyro: cover
Sarajane: like a little patch over the raw metal so its pc, metal, pc
Sarajane: then you can stamp a logo or name into the clay patch
Sarajane: but it holds better with glue--I've been using TLS
Sarajane: and its working quite well so far
heather10855: i see
Sarajane: so its: earring back, TLS, finding, tls, patch
PoKoPat: If the tls works, I don't see why you'd need the gg. I just use it to glue metal to pc.
diamondjenn: hmmm, so sarajane, you put tls on raw clay, place finding on it cover with patch and bake?
Sarajane: so the base of the post is covered
DonnaPyro: oh I see, you can still see the finding?
Sarajane: just the part that goes through the ear itself
Sarajane: not the round base
heather10855: i usely only beads in all my designs, so it's interesting to hear what other do with the glue challenge
DonnaPyro: hard for me to picture, I don't use jewelry
PoKoPat: And I hardly ever use beads, hehe.
Sarajane: so heather you are doing wires, not posts
Sarajane: Fonna, post backs ar a circle of metal with a perpendicular spike coming up
diamondjenn: like a golf T
Sarajane: Donna, I mean!
heather10855: use, i use fish hook style wires only
ljcswartz: bty-- what kind of posts are best?? metal wise?
heather10855: i use sterling silver
DonnaPyro: ok ty Sara
Sarajane: surgical stainless steel is good
PoKoPat: Totally off topic, if any of you wear pierced earrings and your ears get red from them, dip the part that goes thru your ear in Neosporin.
DonnaPyro: cool tip Pat
heather10855: good tip pat!
DonnaPyro: I've never been pierced, sounds painful
Sarajane: A jeweler told me that 80% of irritations come from burrs on the end of the post--
PoKoPat: yep
diamondjenn: you have to do that each time right?
DonnaPyro: wow
PoKoPat: Yeah, Jenn, but it's worth it.
DonnaPyro: yes, I'd wash them in between
Sarajane: and they are easily smoothed with a tap and die set..more tools to buy!
heather10855: okay, oil paint and tls, a success!
PoKoPat: swipe with alcohol when you take them off.
Sarajane: any other questions?
diamondjenn: brb, have to put cloths in the dryer
PoKoPat: Did you just get them out of the oven, Heather?
Sarajane: the dryer is my heat source here in the studio...
DonnaPyro: what does the word 'findings' cover?
heather10855: the funniest thing, the beads i'm making today are for a guy who does fish fly tie things
Sarajane: findings are mostly the functional bits--
DonnaPyro: jumprings are findings?
PoKoPat: He ties flies for fly fishing, Heather?
heather10855: oh yes and tried buffing, can't do that. so i'm being brave and using the future
Sarajane: pin backs, end caps, closures
heather10855: yes, and he ordered some of my beads yesterday
Sarajane: ear wires, tie clips,
DonnaPyro: ty Sara
PoKoPat: I used to do that. Why does he want your beads?
Sarajane: jumprings too!
heather10855: he's writing an article on using beads with the fliies
DonnaPyro: to feed thew fishes?
Sarajane: and bails, and so on
DonnaPyro: I have a whole bunch of very old junprings
heather10855: he uses beads, he showed me some with lampwork glass beads that he did and they are little works of art
Sarajane: fly fishing and PC has gotten a lot of interest lately!
DonnaPyro: hi Marc
heather10855: they are just for show, not for real fishing!
Sarajane: hello!
PoKoPat: Tieing flies is an art form in itself.
DonnaPyro: yes it is
heather10855: it looks like it
PoKoPat: Very taxing and nitpicky work.
DonnaPyro: and interesting too
Sarajane: you bet! several books at the library on tying flies
PoKoPat: I made them and sold them when I was about 12.
DonnaPyro: wow
PoKoPat: My dad taught me.
DonnaPyro: cool
DonnaPyro: do you still remember?
Sarajane: would make very salable jewelry, right market
PoKoPat: Guess I've been in the art biz longer than I realized, hehe.
DonnaPyro: hehe
Sarajane: watching out for barbs, of course!!!
DonnaPyro: ouch
PoKoPat: I could probably pick it up again, but it's been a long time.
PoKoPat: Those are held in the vise, SJ, so no chance of catching the fingers.
DonnaPyro: I've never had a good experience with a fish hook lol
Sarajane: still, its something you could add into the right piece
heather10855: i'll make sure to send a picture when he sends me one
Sarajane: think of a mermaids jewelry...
PoKoPat: hmmmm
Sarajane: wouldn't they collect them?
PoKoPat: Oh don't do that to me!
DonnaPyro: lol
Sarajane: heheheheh
PoKoPat: I have enough on my plate.
PoKoPat: You almost snuck an idea in there, SJ.
Sarajane: make a clock----time flies
PoKoPat: lol
ljcswartz: :-)
PoKoPat: Isn't it time for you to leave? ;)
DonnaPyro: I'm trying to decide wether to do a woodburned porttrait for money, or play with clay for fun lol
Sarajane: trying to get rid of me, eh?
PoKoPat: lol, nah, just ragging on ya.
Sarajane: ummmhmmmm.......
Sarajane: yes, I should get doing soon tho
PoKoPat: Everyone is feeding my muse ideas lately.
Sarajane: any other ?s first?
PoKoPat: You'll keep us posted on the Envirotex test?
Sarajane: absolutely. will post the url too
ljcswartz: thanks for the chat SJ..
PoKoPat: Ah. Thanks, that would be great.
Sarajane: I think it may be tho
DonnaPyro: great chat Sarajane!
PoKoPat: SJ does the best chats. hehe
Sarajane: this was fun!
MarqueeJ: *JOIN* Entered room.
Sarajane: oh, thank you--
DonnaPyro: hi Marq
heather10855: nice chatting with everyone!
Sarajane: I appreciate all of you being here today
Sarajane: hello!
heather10855: back to work now!
MarqueeJ: Hi All!
ljcswartz: thanks to all also
PoKoPat: Bye all, gotta run. Sarajane, have a great day!
DonnaPyro: take care Sara and Heather
Sarajane: Pat, See you soon!
DonnaPyro: take care Pat
PoKoPat: Next month.
Sarajane: Bye Donna!
PoKoPat: *PART* Left room.
ljcswartz: *PART* Left room.
heather10855: *PART* Left room.
DonnaPyro: is anyone staying?
diamondjenn: bye kids have a nice day, thanks Sarajane
DonnaPyro: take care Jenn
Sarajane: I'll stay and turn out the lights, so to speak
Sarajane: Nye, Jenn!
DonnaPyro: ok then, bye all :)
Sarajane: Bye, I mean!
DonnaPyro: *PART* Left room.
MarqueeJ: I just got here! Did I chase everyone away? LOL
diamondjenn: you too!~bye
diamondjenn: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane: no, I had to leave early today to go out to a ceramics place
Sarajane: we'll chat again next month tho
MarqueeJ: Oh ok, then I'll vamoos too. Later!
Sarajane: so come back then
Sarajane: bye!
MarqueeJ: bye!
MarqueeJ: *PART* Left room.
Sarajane: *LOG at 2/3/2004 2:43:27 PM* OFF