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Carved and Molded Polymer Clay

by Christy Hensler

Step 1: The rough design is lightly scratched into a smooth 3/8" thick sheet of raw polymer clay.

Step 2: Large areas are defined by pressing or cutting excess clay away from the design.

Step 3: Sculpting begins and some of the finer details are added. With a better idea of how the design will look, more shaping can be done.

Step 4: Where raised detail would be tedious to carve, more clay in approximately the right shape is added.

Step 5: The process of shaping and smoothing firmly attaches the new clay to the sculpture.

Step 6: The final details are added and smoothed then the piece is trimmed of excess clay and baked.

Step 7: Mold material is carefully and quickly pressed into all areas of the finished carving. Puffinalia's Miracle Mold is shown here.

Step 8: Once the mold material has set up, it's carefully removed from the original.

Step 9: We chose ecru polymer clay lightened with a bit of white and added gold dust for our finished sculpture. The softened clay is packed tightly into the mold and a large darning needle is added to make it usable as a bead. The back is stamped with a signature tool.

Step 10: The filled mold is popped into the freezer to chill the clay making it firmer and easier to release.

Step 11: Excess clay is trimmed and any air bubbles are smoothed out.
We've cut out a bit of clay near the center of the bead for added interest.
Once baked and sanded, our finished sculpture is ready to be used in a
necklace. The final measurement is approximately 2" wide and 1/4" thick.
©2005-Christy Hensler

Thank you, Christy. You can Email Christy at or visit her Website at The Rock Garden

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