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Clay and Pens
by Jami Miller


From Kyla Cortez
Tip: "Aside from using the white bic pens, I found out that using the "Bic ULTRA round stic grip" works out well too. Papermate works too (according to others)."

From Indy Plummer
Tip: "Always use BIC Pens (the white kind) - do not use Staples brand. I ruined 10 pens this way!"

From Joan Riphenburg
Tip: "Making pens is the greatest way to use up all those scraps peices you just don't know how to use up. When the grand children come for a visit, I let their little imaginations go and they create some of the most amazing pens. They then take them home for presents for their freinds and family. This is a great way to get kids started 'playing' with polymar clay. It also gets them away from the computer and televisions, teaches them creativity, giving to others, and helps them with self esteem and encouragment. The pens make wonderful teacher's presents, and then in turn gives the teacher ideas for art class! Spread the joy!!"

From Lorrene
Tip: "Use Bic Stics and remove the pen. Find a dowel the same size as the area behind the pen tip. Either make a scrap base over the dowel or create your pen over the dowel. This keeps the pen from being too thick."

From Leah Fisch
Tip: "Instead of removing the whole ink peice before baking the pen, I use pliers to remove the little ink peice and cover the rest of the pen, including the bottom color for a nicer and fuller pen."

From OrangeKitty
Tip: "To avoid curling and shrinking, I usually will bake the pen twice. Instead of baking it once for a long time, I split the baking time in half and just bake it twice."

From KG
Tip: "When covering ball point ink pens with clay, do not use Cristal Bic pens (the clear ones). When put in the oven, they shrink up and swell and crack off the clay covering. I ruined 4 pens this way! The plain white Bic round stic ones are best. Be sure to remove the ink tube before baking and reinsert it after baking when the pens are cooled."

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