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Step 9: Using a stiff bristle paint brush (or tooth brush), apply texture to the clay.
Step 11: Make 8 more "S" shaped wire pieces.
Step 12: Press one wire piece in the top of each of the 8 clay sculpey discs.
Step 13: Cut 8 small pieces of maroon Premo, and 2 larger pieces (about double the size of the 8 small).
Step 14: Roll the Premo into balls, and press the small balls into the center of the 8 small discs. Press the 2 larger balls into the center of the 2 large pieces.
(Tip: You can polish the clay to a nice shine by gently using your finger and stroking the Premo lightly in one direction)
Step 15: Make impressions on the pieces using whatever you have on hand. I used a paint brush handle around the border, and a small bent piece of wire around the premo disc on the large pieces. I used a needle tool to poke small impressions on the Premo discs.
(Click picture for a larger view)
Step 16: Take another small ball of Sculpey, and press it flat. Cut it in half and place it at the bottom of the Premo disc on the 2 large pieces. This is to cover the wire loops on the bottom. I then pressed a pointed stick into the bottom of each for decoration.Bake all pieces in the oven according to the manufactures instructions. I use the instructions for the Sculpey since the time is slightly different.
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