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Here's a beautiful and detailed project lesson from Karen Perry!

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23. Cut a piece of silver wire about 5-1/2" long.

24. Make 5 medium sized loops in the wire with jewelry pliers, about 1/4" apart in a row, leaving at least 1" long tails at each end.

25. Bend looped wire slightly to curve it to the same curve as large cane slice from Step 22. Curve tails down toward the five loops. These tails will be sandwiched between the two slices of the large cane.

26. Cut another piece of wire about 2 inches long. Make centered loops at both ends. Bend looped wire in half to make it a "V" shape.

27. Lay one of the large cane slices on wax paper on the cookie sheet. Place 5 loop wire centered below the bottom of the cane slice, with the loops below the clay and wire tails on the clay. Next, place the "V" wire at the top of the slice with the two loops above the clay. Adjust as necessary.

28. Place other cane slice on top of wire and bottom slice, lining up edges. Press into place.

29. Cut off four 3/8" thick slices from smaller cane in Step 22 for beads. Pierce beads through the side with the yarn needle and place on cookie sheet.

30. To make the round beads for the pendant, cut five 1-1/2" of silver wire. Bend up one end of each about 1/8" from end (to keep wire from pulling out of the bead).

31. Cut 10 very thin (1/16" to 1/8" thick) slices from smaller cane. Lay 5 slices on your cookie sheet. Place a piece of wire with the bent end on the clay slice as shown. Repeat for each wire.

32. Place remaining clay slices on top of wire/slices, lining up edges and design. Lightly press to stick top and bottom clay pieces together with wire sandwiched between.

33. For the tube beads, press about 1/2 ounce scrap from cane end trimmings together firmly. Roll on work surface to make a snake about 3/8 inch in diameter. Twist a few times to make stripes on the edge of the snake. Roll again to smooth. Cut four 1" long pieces from snake. Push mandrel or wire through center of piece (top object). Roll on work surface lightly to elongate the piece on the rod until the whole length is about 1/8 inch in diameter (bottom object). Repeat for other 3 pieces.
34. Bake pendant, beads and tube beads with wire inside in 275 oven for 20-30 minutes per 1/4 inch of thickness. Let beads cool completely. Cut tube beads into 3/8 inch lengths. You will need a total of 25 tube beads. You should have extras, so you can pick and choose the prettiest ones.

35.Bend wires above small pendant beads to center them. Add 1 tube bead to the wire above bead. Trim wire to about 3/8 inch above tube bead and make a loop. Turn loop sideways. Repeat for others. Open loops in pendant beads and attach through loops in wire embedded in bottom of large pendant. Make sure the rounded side of all the beads are facing up. This is the right side of the bead.

36. To prepare the small round and tube beads, cut 22 1-1/2" long pieces of silver wire. Make a centered loop in one end of each wire. Add one of either a tube bead or small round bead to wire. Trim wire above bead to 3/8 inch and make another loop. Repeat for each of the 4 small round and 18 tube beads. Save the 2 tube beads remaining for the clasps.

37. To make the clasp hook, cut a 4-1/2" long piece of silver wire. Make a small loop at one end. Add tube bead to wire. Bend wire down 1-1/4" above bead using the tip of your pliers.

38. Begin coiling the wire tail...

39. ...until it is short enough to finish just above the tube bead and over the wire (To coil wire, make a small loop at the end of the tail with jewelry pliers. Holding flat nose pliers across the loop, start turning loop in the same direction wrapping wire around the outside of the loop in a circle. Move pliers over on the coil and turn in a circle, repeating until the coil is the size you want).

40. Bend wire just above coil and center it above tube bead, over existing wire.

41. Bend tip up slightly, at folded end, on same side as coil. Place thick end of jewelry pliers just below tip, on opposite side of coil, and bend to form hook. Turn the first loop in the same direction as the hook.

42. To make the clasp loop, cut a 3-3/4" long piece of silver wire. Make a small loop at one end. Add tube bead to wire. Bend wire around thick end of jewelry pliers about 5/8 inch above tube bead to make large loop.

43. Coil wire tail until it is short enough to finish just above the tube bead as above.

44. Bend wire above coil, and center it above tube bead, over existing wire.

45. To assemble necklace, open loop on tube bead and attach to the loop at the top on one side of the large clay pendant piece. Add 2 tube beads, 1 round bead, 2 tube beads, 1 round bead, 5 tube beads, and finish with the tube bead that has the clasp hook.

46. Repeat the same pattern on the other side, finishing with the clasp loop. If desired, dip into Future Floor Finish for a light shine and hang to dry.
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Karen Perry
©2006 Text and Photos

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