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Polymer Clay Central is proud to announce the newest addition to our web site, the "GUILD GAZETTE" - a new place which will keep track of Guild and Clay Day happenings all around the World of Polymer Clay!


Shrine Mont Retreat

More than just a "First Article" for the Guild Gazette, this is the story of one clayer's journey out into the world of Polymer Clay Retreats for the first time! The National Polymer Clay Guild holds a retreat at Shrine Mont every year, and this year SincereLEIGH was there! Take a look at all the fun and sharing that took place during this five day romp in the Mountains of Virginia!

This report is a work in progress, so certain links won't be "live" yet. Keep checking back here at the Gazette as Leigh continues her Amazing Journey, and ALL the links and stories will be concluded!

Recreation Hall at Shrine Mont Warning:
Be very careful. Once you head out on the open road all by yourself, or with another clay buddy, and join up with more groups of clay artists in a wonderfully romantic wooded area, with no cooking, no cleaning, no telephones (well, there were a couple cell phones, but they didn't work well), no television, and no children, you are NOT going to want to go home. The atmosphere, inspiration and friendship is dangerousLEIGH addicting. If you're anything like me, you will come away a refreshed, motivated, and inspired artist, franticalLEIGH looking for another Retreat to attend!

Follow this link to find out more... if you dare!!!


Guild Gazette
Part of the fun in the Polymer Clay Community is the camaraderie with other Clay enthusiasts. The first group to come together that I know of is the National Polymer Clay Guild. This Guild spans the globe with international members.

Then people started getting together in their local towns, and soon formed the Regional Polymer Clay Guilds!

And in some cases, friends just come together to have Clay Days.

This Cyberzine is dedicated to all these groups of people who get together to meet and greet each other with the intent to learn and inform the world about Polymer Clay!

Please help us as we build this site into the best resource for information on Polymer Clay Guilds!


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