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"Birth" Annoucement
from the
Western New York Polymer Clay Guild

(Click Pictures for a Larger View)

Horse - Fall Side Name: A "Well Seasoned Horse"

Place: Rochester, New York

Weight: 125 lbs. naked fiberglass shell, 255+ lbs. with his FIMO brand polymer clay "coat"

Length: 6 feet from the top of his ears to his hooves, 8 feet from the tip of his nose to his tail.

Gestation: 12 weeks

Labor: 1553 hours of intense physical labor

Delivery: March 9, 2001, 3:27pm

Marks of distinction: Covered in a handmade polymer clay tiles, that were precisely hand cut and fitted together without grout and the moon glows in the dark.

Held together with: 3M Scotch-seal PA Sealant #560

Baked in: A Hobart commercial series convection oven

Horse - Spring Side Parents: The smiling, sleep deprived, and loopy from the glue fumes Mom's are Patricia Kramer, Kathleen Fiete, and Christine Platt. (They are all resting comfortably after a difficult birth.)

Step Parents: (Guild members) Maura Muir, Marrilynn Thompson, Carl Johengen, Deb Collier, Stephanie Donaldson, Carol Dluzen, Mary Lalumiere, Carolyn Lomeo, Karey Brindel.

The Guild would like to THANK: Bob, Katie, Allie, Greg and Casin (the Fiete's) Andy, Frank, and Julia (the Kramer's) Bill and Emily (the Platt's) (They all have put up with much more than they ever thought they would and are loved for it).

Bryan Schaup at Accent Import and Export and Mark Lee at AMACO (American Art Clay Co.) for the donation of all the FIMO brand Polymer Clay. Christy Nichols at AMACO for being there for us and expediting. The glue guru's at 3M for the donation of the Scotch-Seal Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant # 560 Pat Allen at Hobart for the donation of the extra large commercial convection oven and delivery of the horse.

Dick Passalacqua for picking up the horse and bringing him home.

A special Thank You goes to the Families (Moms, Dads, Brothers, and Sisters) , Neighbors, Friends and Bystanders (the innocent and the not so innocent) for the PHYSICAL HELP, HOPE, PRAYERS, and KIND WORDS. Some days they were the only things that kept us going (When the glue wouldn't stick, the clay crumbled, and things in general fell apart!)! YOU kept us going and for that we can never Thank You enough !

Christine Platt
President, Western New York Polymer Clay Guild
© 2001

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