These beads are done with the same technique except for using pastelly pearls and interspersing gold leaf in-between the stacked sheets.

More beads same way showing the differences in each cut of the block.

More beads, again showing the differences in block cuts.

This bead is done with the second block that I show at the end of the instruction pages.

This Light switch plate shows the second step. This is sanded with 180 sanding screen, and then 200, then 350, then 400 wet-dry.

This light switch was sanded at 600 and buffed.

This is a side of a box that I did with the inlay. All the stone imitatives used here are done with the ripple blade. This box is also the first step before sanding and buffing.

This is the bottom of the box.

Top of the box - malachite is done the same way, except no pearl colors.
Marie Segal
© 2001