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Holiday Ornaments

Step 7: Embellishments

Fig. 12 Crystal Lacquer is being used here to attach the glitter. I have ultra fine glitter in a couple different colors. You can use different colors of glitter with different colors of lacquer to create hundreds of effects. Here I'm using gold glitter with the yellow lacquer, and iridescent blue glitter with the blue lacquer. Yet another glitter with the clear lacquer was used, all on the same ornament to give interesting variations.

Fig. 13 Crystal lacquer can be a very interesting embellishment without adding glitter; it raises the design and gives your colors more depth. This ornament was colored with markers. You can see how the lacquer raises the design and makes it even more vibrant. I put one layer of lacquer down and let it rest for a while, then I applied another layer and then another. I was tempted to go for more, but decided to stop playing and get back to work!

Fig. 14 Remember that the most fun is seeing just how much stuff you can combine to get a new and interesting effect. If you have a good Water-based Glue, you can thin it out a little with water. Use a brush to paint it on in many different ways. On one of the examples, you'll see where I painted it on all the stamped lines, and then sprinkled the glitter on it. This gave the crystal lacquer a nice border to fill. And did make adding the lacquer much easier.

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