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Holiday Ornaments

Examples and Variations
Stamped with pink metallic ink, this ornament was then colored in with metallic gel pens. Gold and blue glitter was added with glue and pink ultra fine glitter was added with pink crystal lacquer.
Pink metallic ink also stamped this design, it was colored in with metallic pens and crystal and colored lacquer was added. Pink glitter was added to the pink lacquer. The edge was covered in glue and glitter.
This ornament had Pearl-ex powders applied before baking. Gold glitter was added with glue while Blue Crystal lacquer was used to add ultra fine blue glitter and clear lacquer was used to add violet ultra fine glitter.
Ultra fine glitter was applied to all the stamped lines using glue and a toothpick. Clear and colored lacquers were then used to fill in the design. Glue was also used to cover the edge with glitter.
This ornament was stamped with Black Fabrico ink, and filled in with Marvey markers. It was then embellished with colored lacquer. Three coats for this one.
Also stamped with Black Fabrico ink and filled in with Marvey Markers. And also embellished with Colored lacquer.
A 3-D effect can be achieved by making two similar ornaments and then slicing them and wedging them together. This one was done on green pearl clay with Silver metallic ink and embellished with lacquer and glitter.
Different types of stamps can be turned into ornaments. When you can't repeat the design on the back; you can cover the back with glitter, or stamp a Happy Holiday saying on the back. This angel was done with white clay, colored with pearl ex, painted in with metallic and regular gel markers.
Red metallic clay was used for this ornament; it was colored with a combination of gel markers and regular markers. It was given a more 3-d look by adding crystal lacquer to raise the design.
Leigh Ross
© 1998 Leigh Ross

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