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Patty Barnes

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January 20, 2000:

.Vicki> So, how did you go about setting up the guild?
.Patty> Contact the Event Cordinator, take your work in to show. Usually eager to have people to teach.
.Vicki> Have people sign up at your classes?
.Patty> May not have a large clas beginning, but it will build.
.DebiSavannah> what ages do you tend to find coming to classes? .Dianne> So, you were teaching at Michael's, is that wheere you first began to think about a guild?
.DebiSavannah> HEY, ONE person to share the clay would be nice!
.Patty> Michaels does the promoting in their monthly calendars. You leave a syllabus & sample of planned class. I ask that they be adults or over 14.
.DebiSavannah> Did you say how long you have been doing this at Michaels?
.DebiSavannah> long after yuo started the classes, did you decide on building a guild?
.Patty> No, after joining NPCG, I saw that there were clayers in my area. Wanted to start a guild when I found guilds too far away to attend. Teaching at Michaels for about 9 months.
.DebiSavannah> Does one have to be "professional" to join NPCG?
.Dianne> How many guilds in Tx? How did you learn about guilds? After joining NPCG?? did they help?
.Dianne> Debi, no. IF you have an interest in pc, you can mjoin NPCG.
.Dianne> mjoin=join
.DebiSavannah> tnx...that helps
.Jade> NPCG gave you a list of other members in your area?
.Patty> I had wanted to start one when I first taught at a friends' home, but not enough interest. 4 guilds in TX now. Maybe 1 in San Antonio soon, offering to help them.
.DebiSavannah> Is there a certain protacol (sp?) to go by when forming a guild?
.Patty> The Member Directory in the NPCG lists names by city.
.Patty> NPCG does have some guidelines from another guild.
.Vicki> is your guild associated with the NPCG?
.Patty> No protocol. It can be informal, or formal. Formal has officers and dues. We are listed at the website and in the PolyInformer.
.DebiSavannah> I need to bring an oven to Michaels? to do the classes
.Patty> There is no requirement to do anything specific for NPCG. Just let them know the name, meeting place, contact person, etc.
.Jade> I'm wondering how to get interest without teaching a class.
.Vicki> Thanks. I wondered if there was a specific format, dues owed to NCPG, etc.
.DebiSavannah> yes, I was just going to ask that too, Jade.
.Vicki> do you advertise in local craft stores?
.Dianne> Debi, please let's let Patty continue with how she began the guild. We should have time at end to ask other questions. I promise. :)
.DebiSavannah> problem.
.Patty> I don't, let them take home to bake. No dues required. Although our local guild has a $15/yr dues to help buy videos/books to lend within the guild. Besides, when people have paid, they are more dedicated.
.Gaby> At least!!! Hi everybody :)
.Dianne> Hi Gaby, we are talking with Patty....I am going to go to quiet entrance and exit now.
.Dianne> .** Caution, QUIET group **
.DebiSavannah> where do you meet? different places?
.Patty> Hi, here is our newest South Texas Polymer Clay Guild member now! Hi Gaby! We meet at the local library (free) monthly and at someones home for clay days.
.DebiSavannah> What type of things do you do at the local library? I assume you discuss things and don't actually clay there.
.Dianne> How did you organize once you decided to begin a guild? Where did you get info from ...NPCG, of course??
.Patty> We are trying to find a better place where we can meet longer & take our clay. We've grown from 4 charter members to 11.
.Gaby> yes Patty, how can I miss my president chat?
.DebiSavannah> WOW 11...amazing!
.Patty> We first 4 elected officers, Pres, v-p, sec. & tres.
.Vicki> I'm glad to hear you started out so small -- small numbers has been a concern here in Vancouver, BC
.DebiSavannah> How do you decide who will take charge of ordering and "loaning" the videos, books, etc.?
.Patty> Actually, we may soon have another one join us. Word of mouth works very well. Of course posting at art supply and craft stores would spread the word. Newspaper adds, radio.
.Dianne> How did you organize once you decided to begin a guild? Where did
.Dianne> you get info from ...NPCG, of course??
.Dianne> Are there guildelines to follow??
.DebiSavannah> I have been thinking about a local "pennysaver' paper ad. cheap!...Radio? how do you afford that?
.Patty> Our librarian has the books, videosThey are loaned for a month. Books free, videos $1 each, for a month. Radio: public service announcement: nonprofit organization, free.
.Gaby> that is cool :)
.DebiSavannah> Oh good idea...nonprofit...didn't think of that!!
.DebiSavannah> Would I have to be an actual Guild to approach a radio station as a nonprofit organization?
.Patty> There are no "rules" for starting a guild.Common sense, remember rules of other organizations
SUNNISAN> patty - would roget's book of rule apply here?
.DebiSavannah> Great ideas... there are a couple of places I can put an ad. I will work on that this week.
.Vicki> could you tell us how you started out with the guild, getting the first people, first meeting, etc.?
.Patty> Give your guild a name, find a location for the first meeting: home, school, library, restaurant, public buildings. Roberts Rules of Orders: nominations, voting, etc, but keep it simple.
SUNNISAN> yes - were you just a few clay buddies who decided to get together?
.Patty> I made up a 1 page flyer and gave it to students and a woman who had her own store. Told them when the meeting was. 4 of us came. Next month there were 10!
.DebiSavannah> ?? what type of store did this woman have? crafts?
.Vicki> what sort of structure do your meetings have? Do you take turns presenting? Is it informal polyclay chat, or do you have a specific agenda for each meeting?
.Patty> One was a woman I met by the clay at Hobby Lobby, gave her my address, one owned a business, and one had been a 1 time student, and me. We started in one afternoon!
.DebiSavannah> The little one page flyer is a great idea...maybe I will make some business cards on my computer too.
.Patty> We have a short business meeting and then take turns showing/telling and maybe a demo. One time we made molds from items people brought to share. Info from other guilds, news groups, sales, online info. Not everyone is online in our group.
.Patty> I usually have notes of what needs to be covered: a new book to review, a clay or TLS sale, a new technique to show, etc.
.Vicki> so how long is a meeting usually? 1-2 hours?
.Vicki> and when do you usually meet -- weekend afternoons, after dinner during the week?
.Patty> regular meeting, 2 hours, but we want to lengthen it. Clay days are from 10 to 4 and we all bring food to share and so on.
.Vicki> do you find there's a lot of prep work for meetings as President?
.Patty> We meet monthly, Sat, afternoons. I live 65 miles away from the rest of the guild! No, prep as prez is minimal. I do contact the members either by email or phone the week before.
.DebiSavannah> How often do you have a "Clay Day"?
SUNNISAN> and how do you set your agenda for the month?
.Dianne> Does NPCG have any regulations that a guild must meet before it can be affiliated with it?
.Patty> We had one in October and another one is due Feb 5th. I just try to share everything I can with the group & ask others to do the same. No affiliation requirements for NPCG. As Nike says: Just Do it!
.DebiSavannah> 65 miles away?? Can you not find people a bit closer? Or do you live in a remote area?
.Dianne> Patty, how far away was the closest existing guild, before yours began?
.Dianne> I drive 80+ miles to my guild meetings.
.Patty> After becoming established, let Georgia Sargeant, NPCG editor of PolyInformer, know who to contact, where, when & time of meetings. Also, let Margaret Briggs, webmaster for NPCG know so it can be on the website. 150 miles in Austin.
.Mel> Hi, just joining in -- had to get the kids some dinner...
.Vicki> Question -- does someone in your guild have to be a member of the NPCG in order to be listed?
.DebiSavannah> sorry...I am networked with my husbands computer and his has to be rebooted...I will be back as soon as posible.. boohoo!
.Gaby> I live in Mexico City, and I will be a member of the Corpus Christy Guild :)
.Mel> Gaby, will you attend meetings? :)
.Dianne> Patty, and Gaby, I would think that there would be advantages to Gaby in belonging to your guild??
.Patty> I live in the country, 25 miles from a town of 15,000. I love that Gaby is a member of our guild. She gets the benefit of our newsletter (yet to be published) and to join the Texas Guild Retreat this fall.
.Gaby> I hope to be able to attend to the clay days, if my work leave me :)
.Vicki> Can your guild actually be affiliated with the NCPG? If it was, would you have to pay dues to both your guild and the NCPG?
.Gaby> I think that Dianne, I am happy :)
.Patty> Vicki, since I am a member of NPCG, I really don't know. No, there is no fee to NPCG for your guild to be listed. This is all still very informal.
.Mel> Patty, since I joined late, I'm not sure if you've already answered this. How did you go about finding other PCers with whom to establish a local guild?
.Patty> Unlike my National Art Educators Association, I do not have to pay a fee to both the State & National to belong.
.Vicki> So you only pay dues to the NCPG, or both?
.Patty> Put up flyers where clay is sold, at craft stores, libraries, etc.
.Patty> NPCG dues are $25/yr, whether you have dues in your guild is up to your guild.We have $15/yr dues.
.Dianne> Patty, before the flyers though, did you work off a list of to dos?? I would be so anxious about just advertising without a plan.
.Mel> Vicki, the guild closest to me (but still too far to attend weekday evening meetings) has dues which are separate from the NPCG -- they publish a newsletter and probably pay a fee to use the comty
.Mel> center room they're using...
.Patty> Local dues are usually very low. For us they will help us build a library & produce a newsletter.
.Vicki> Does your guild have a set of by-laws, i.e. what happens to books & videos, any money in the bank account, etc. if and when the guild ever closes down?
.Mel> Patty, (and any others who have been part of fledgling guilds), where did you meet in the beginning?
.Patty> If you can attend a guild anywhere in your state, it will give you ideas on how to start your own.
.Vicki> Also, you mentioned being a non-profit organization. Here in BC you have to be registered as a non-profit org to qualify and do paperwork every year. What about your guild?
.Patty> We met at the local library. In Texas, unless you are raising money, such as a charity, you do not have to file as a non-profit org. Our treasurer is a bookkeeper. :-)
.Vicki> How soon after starting the guild did you begin building your library? Did you wait a few months to be sure it wouldn't die?
.Dianne> Patty, have members been good about volunteering and sharing the tasks?
.Mel> The area I want to start a guild in is the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area -- at least 3 counties and a few million people. Have people had experience with meeting in different locales to
.Mel> accommodate as many as possible? Does this just add confusion?
.Patty> If you know even one other person who likes to clay, then contact them and start your own Our members have all helped in various ways even our newbies..ies
.Vicki> How do you deal with dues? Do you have a "membership year" where all memberships need to be renewed at once, or does everyone get 12 months from joining?
SUNNISAN> it seems to me in a large urban area like the calif bay area, rotating locations would be a logical choice.
.Patty> If a guild gets too large, it might become unmanagable. Around 50 members, and I would suggest splitting into 2 groups. Have joint meetings occassionally. Right now, it would be 12 mos. from when joining.
.Vicki> Have you had any problems with collecting dues? I belonged to a club once where we had a couple of people owing dues for a long time and it was difficult to know what to do about it.
.Patty> Since I am a member of the Austin guild as well, their dues are yearl fryom joining
.DebiSavannah> Do guilds ever get together and have small "shows" or "sales" to put money in the "pot"? for the library or trips etc?
.Vicki> I've read of guilds that have had members donate items for raffling with the proceeds going to the guild. Have you guys done anything similar?
.Patty> Since our guild is so new, 1st meeting last Aug, our dues aren't 'due' again yet. And, yes, we are planning on a joint show where we take turns manning the booth.
.DebiSavannah> As a guild, do you buy clay at a discount?
.Patty> No raffles yet, but we do want to do a show somewhere. Maybe at the library.
.DebiSavannah> a show at the library yes! that would get more members perhaps...!!
.Patty> there are no guild discounts. I do buy online in bulk and pass the savings on to the members. Share shipping costs.
.Vicki> Debi, you might be able to arrange something yourselves. I'm part of the Canadian Clay Amies, which is sort of a virtual "guild". One of our group arranged for us to get a discount at Canada
.Vicki> Beading -- we just gave our list of names to the manager.
.Dianne> Patty, when do you anticipate a newsletter for the guild?
.Vicki> when we order, they check us on the list and we get the discount. I haven't ordered from them yet, so I don't know how it's been working.
.Patty> One of our goals is to educate the public. Newsletter should be within the next month. I have a review of Sue Heaser's book to include as well as one on McGuires.
.DebiSavannah> it is all so exciting to get this information!!
.Vicki> Do you plan to distribute the newsletter outside of your guild? ie., have copies available in craft stores, etc. And do you plan to charge for any outside copies?
.Patty> As pres of the guild, I was able to get a free copy of Heaser's book for our guild if I do a review.
.Vicki> About how many videos and books does your guild currently have? And what are some of the more popular ones?
.Patty> Our first newsletters will be very small and would like to place a few in strategic places such as Michaels & Hobby Lobby
.Vicki> Have you thought of trying to get them to place ads in the newsletter? Might offset some of the printing costs.
.Dianne> Will you accept ads? :::she listens carefully:::
.Patty> Since we are so new, we have only 1 book, but we are discussing ordering some videos. Our newsetter will be probably only front/back of 1 page to start. I would love to accept ads! Will ask guild at next meeting.
.Patty> And non guild members, a SASE would be welcome and I'll send you one.
.DebiSavannah> suggestion...if each member could purchase one video and 'donate' it to the guild and share around with each other.
.Gaby> I can do that Patty :)
.Elizabeth> That's a good idea, Debi... we used to do that in our artists' guild... worked great!
.DebiSavannah> what a library you could have !!
.Mel> If most material was on long-term loan from members, it seems that would solve the question of what to do with library materials if the guild folds...
.Patty> Many of us have videos we are willing to share at meetings, but we don't want to loan them. some were quite expensive. However, that is an excellent suggestion.
.Vicki> since most of the videos are around 60 minutes, you could probably spend part of the meeting watching a video and the rest trying things out at a clayday
.DebiSavannah> Then everyone would be "in" at the same level, and perhaps be more careful with things they borrow.
.Patty> Mel, that would work if the person had also donated a comprable book/video.
.DebiSavannah> good idea VICKI
.Patty> We plan on watching some videos our next clayday-Jody Bishel's for one.
.DebiSavannah> ?? On ClayDays how many ovens do you have to have? How do you 'suggest' who brings them?
.Elizabeth> Just FWIW, some of the people in our artist's guild never donated anything to the library, but no one minded.
.Petra> yes I was interested cause mine is difficult ot get goin
.Vicki> what sort of problems are you having? Not enough people?
.Petra> dealing with a distance problem here
.Elizabeth> Petra, how many clayers have you found, around there?
.Dianne> We are logging , Petra, so you will be able to read any info that you've missed.
.Patty> Since I own nearly every book and Hot Off the Press Book, I have a large investment. And since I also use it in my school classes, so I have to keep them
.Elizabeth> Yes, you're pretty spread out, in New Zealand!
.Petra> oh cool
.Vicki> That's reasonable, Patty. But nice for the others if you are willing to let them have a look-see at meetings.
.DebiSavannah> i agree!
.DebiSavannah> that is a large investment for one person.
.Patty> So far, one oven at the host's home has been enough, but as we grow, I can bring 3 if needed.
.Petra> well he have 17 members i new in austrlaia I have just sorted my address book for onliners so I can contact them more easily but its the fact that clay is still 10 years behind here
SUNNISAN> what about copying pAGES FOR A MEETING, PATTY?
.Petra> sorry can't type today
.Elizabeth> Petra, you need to get your importer's license. ;-)
.Mel> Petra, I'm undertaking the beginnings of a local guild in the SF Bay's East Bay -- bit of the same problem, although it's more traffic than distance...
.Petra> but I have a client list of 800 nationally buying clay
.Petra> huh!!!! not here I don't
.Vicki> if you have problems with distance, Petra, perhaps you could go with a virtual "guild" like we have here in Canada, with occasional claydays for those who can make it.
.Elizabeth> Melody, if I was still in Contra Costa, I'd join up! :-)
.Mel> Of that 800, aren't any intersted in talking to each other?
.Petra> well thats a problem also cause 25% of members aren't online
.Patty> I started buying books about 8 years ago and have LOTS! If I have the permission of the author,I would copy pages.
.Vicki> do you have internet terminals in public libraries? We do here in Vancouver, BC but not everywhere in Canada
.Mel> We also have public internet in Contra Costa -- but not great library hours...
.Patty> Wow, Petra! I'm just glad to have 11 members!
.Petra> again a problem In NZ I have had to bring together all clayers from a vast fields of areas. Miniatures Dollmaking Puppeters, televison studios, and then those I teach
SUNNISAN> if i understand the laws correctly, you can copy selected pages for personal use - as this would be.
.Elizabeth> Patty, you're up to 11 now? Cool!
.DebiSavannah> Patty...tell me teach full time? Art?
.Elizabeth> Yes, Sunni, the "Fair Use" thing. :-)
.Mel> Patty, Petra brings up an interesting issue. PC has TONS of applications, and people
.Patty> We have varied interests in our group too. Beaders, sculptors, miniaturists.
.Vicki> well, 1 copy of up to 10% of a book or 1 article. But not multiple copies.
.Mel> s interests vary -- how do you keep all 11 engaged?
.Petra> yes I have had a difficult time explaining to my US friends that I have had to become a miniaturist. For example I have taken Mokume and made mini lamps and milliefiore also
SUNNISAN> vickie - that's one copy per user.
.Patty> If everyone shares, everyone is happy. A technique used for one thing can often be used by another in a different application.
.Petra> I don't get to do what I learnt at Ravensdale
.DebiSavannah> Mel..I think I would have a "topic" from one segment of the clay and make it a sharing experience.
.Petra> oh yes and that is the direction i have taken for instance Piers invisible canes make great doll house marquetry floors
.Vicki> Not here in Canada. At the university where I work we have a special agreement that allows us to copy multiples for student use, but we have to pay 5 cents a page.
.Mel> DebiS -- can you say more?
.Patty> Yes, Debbie, full time art teacher, grades 6-12. Most books do not permit copy without permission.
.Vicki> but you could probably say that everyone made their own copy for individual use
.DebiSavannah> ask one person each month to be presenter of their personal stuff .
.Dianne> Patty, what are some of the pitfalls in beginning a guild?
.Mel> Great idea -- i hadn't thought of that:)
.DebiSavannah> have a very full schedule...and still manage to drive 65 miles to a Guild meeting. :)
.Patty> We each usually have something to share to a greater or lesser degree
.Vicki> do your members who are online communicate via email or chat much inbetween meetings?
.Petra> just to throw something in here still guild related though
.Petra> I belong to 6 guilds and tomorrow I will be collecting a member of the national and I think NWPCG to come and play clay here
.Mel> Patty - do you have a sample flier you used?
.Petra> I do get to play with members of other guilds who visit NZ it has happended four times
.Mel> sorry, Patty -- a sample "recruitment" flier...
.Petra> but getting people interested in handing over the $25.00 is the tricky bit. I like that idea of a flier I could include that in my Zigzag mailer
.Patty> I reallly wanted a guild closer to me, so the drive is no problem. It is so much fun to see ideas take off and other's work.
.Mel> Petra, my children sometimes join me when I'm workign w/ clay, and they tell me they want to "play clay" :)
.Petra> I thought maybe the odd email to both my clients and guild members to tempt them
.Petra> with tip or technique and then point out that guild members get these messages more reguarlary
.Elizabeth> Petra, are you already importing and selling clay, then?
.Patty> I find that our guild members love the info we share regardless of their clay use.
.Petra> oh yes I am the NZ distributor for Polyform, Kemper and Pearlex as well as having a very close relationship with fimo
.Mel> Petra, a clay supplier I use is going to give me names/addresses in my area for recruitment. Have you not found much success in attracting folks to a guild thru soliciting through post or email?
.DebiSavannah> ??Patty...did you put together some sort of "creed" for your group? to avoid ego pitfalls and plagerism (sp?)
.Vicki> Patty, what plans does your guild have for the immediate future? You've mentioned the newsletter, anything else in the works?
.Petra> no it hasn't worked so far
.Mel> :( sniff -- that was going to be one of my early attempts...
.Elizabeth> Oh, okay... you said clay was so far behind there, I thought you were referring to what is sold there and suggesting that you become an importer. I get it, now. ;-)
.Patty> Lucky Petra. That is my goal! Our guild is planning on attending the Texas Guild Retreat this towards planning demos to share and maybe a show this summer or spring.
.Elizabeth> Good point, Debi.. "Code of Ethics."
.Petra> OIC yes four years ago we had nothing now I stock everything but can't get them past millifiore and basic steps
.Vicki> Since Patty's guild started with 4 and went to 10 the next month, I wouldn't worry about getting large numbers of people. Maybe just start with a few and make sure everyone has a great time. Word
.Vicki> will spread :-)
.Petra> I spend my whole year travelling to shows, demoing, teaching and even went into australia last year and am heading back. I have been offered payment for teaching to the australian distributors
.Petra> clients
.DebiSavannah> yes. I want to just find a few people to share the clay with and I know it will grow
.Patty> No, no creed. Other than mentioning as members join that we are a sharing group that wants to follow the Golden rule.
.Elizabeth> I think you're right, Vicki... seems like most of the guilds start with just a handful.
.Vicki> does the library you meet in allow you to put up posters or signs about the guild?
.DebiSavannah> yes...why make it look like a dictatorship...the Golden rule is best!
.Mel> I wonder if having a pretty informal structure to begin with helps -- people might be intimidated if there's lots of rules in the beginning.
.Patty> As the medium grows in popularity and accessibility our guilds will help help educate
.Patty> Yes, the library has a public bulletin board.
.Vicki> Yes, perhaps if people are unsure about joining, maybe don't start with dues right away. Or allow people to attend 1 or 2 meetings before joining to see if they like it.
.Vicki> I can't imagine someone getting their hands on clay and not wanting to come back!
.DebiSavannah> Vicki..good point..don't want to scare anybody away. :')
.Patty> Post your guild to NPCG webmaster: Margaret Briggs:
.Vicki> Patty, is your guild thinking of putting up a web site yet? Or is that perhaps a long term goal, if at all?
.Mel> I've sent in a posting for "members looking for guilds" and posted a note on the message board --
.Petra> I do have an open clay day here at the studio for anyway and can usually get local memebers to that but I'm trying to figure how to get the others their fair share of something
.Patty> Post your guild in the NPCG PolyInformer. Contact Georgia Sargeant:
.Vicki> Petra, perhaps you need to just find some people in the other areas to organize their own local guilds, rather than trying to have one guild cover such a large territory
.Patty> Vicki, it is a long term goal. The Austin guild has to put up a site & they have been organized for almost 4 years
.Petra> well there again the problem is that we have 3.5million people in an area the size of california so most are on their own in their own towns
.Patty> Houston has a site, but I don't think the Dallas area guild does.
.Patty> Petra, maybe use your handfull of local people and plan a retreat: a weekend, similar to Shrinemont
.Petra> currently its really nice cause I get to stay with members all around the country and I share as much as I can with them
.Petra> yes we are planning a retreat but trying to be fair and that is hard
.Patty> The Houston guild has invited guest artists such as Mike Buesseler, Marie Segal, Celia Fago, Cynthia Toops, Tory Hughes and next October, Pier Volkus.
.Petra> I hope I don't sound like I'm moaning but I'm tired of being the oneman polymer band so too speak. the only teacher the only serious seller, the guild organiser,
.DebiSavannah> are quiet... how do you like the new Guild? How did you locate Patty?
.Mel> Patty, do you pay stipends to such notables, and if so, is it paid for thru course fees?
.Gaby> Patty located me :)
.Patty> Having a guild allows you to network with other guilds, sometimes as
SUNNISAN> do you attend virutally, gaby, or do you make the trip of from The City?
.Petra> oh yes Gaby you must be experiencing similar and Porro also I have spoken to her on this problem more than once. Our lifelines are chats
.Gaby> I am new in the guild, but I planning to go there
.Patty> sister guilds. The notables are paid from class fees, pretty steep and any extra for room expenses.
.Gaby> I have to take an airplane to go there
.Mel> Maybe I should feel lucky about a guild 60 miles away...
.Petra> which guild Gaby?
.Gaby> Petra I live in Mexico City, and Patty , the Corpus Christy Guild is the USA
.Petra> just checking my huge US map
.Petra> for corpus christi
.Patty> Until I got online about 2 years ago, I didn't even know there were guilds anywhere in the world. First thing I looked up was polymer clay and found the old PCC site and rec.crafts.polymerclay.
.Patty> Petra, 300 miles from Houston, southwest.
.Petra> I see it thanks Patti
.Gaby> not so far :)
.Gaby> lollllll}
.Patty> I hope Gaby will come share her beautiful beads with us.
.Gaby> blush
.Mel> Gaby, do you have a website?
.Gaby> nope :(
.DebiSavannah> then you would each have a little grouping of the same things to put together
.Gaby> but I posted some bad photos at PCC
.Mel> I haven't even managed that...
.DebiSavannah> Patty, how did you find Gaby? on the web?
.Patty> BTW, I finally got a picture up of the desk set I'm donating for the raffle
.Gaby> good Patty
.Patty> At PCC! We chatted one Sunday in her chat. She's great and so is Ria!
.Vicki> Patty -- back to your guild, could you give us an idea of the amount of material you cover in a typical meeting? Do you usually cover as much as you plan for, or do you find you have to fill in the
.Vicki> time?
.Elizabeth> That is a HUGE desk set! And so pretty!
.Gaby> Patti you are blushing me :)
.Patty> I used to be in lots of swaps, no time now. We have to hurry to get through all we want to share! So many things to find out about, powders, paints, inclusions, techniques, etc.
.Patty> Thanks, Ebeth. LOTS of sanding/buffing!
.Petra> yes patty we where in a few swaps
.DebiSavannah> where can I see the desk set?
.Gaby> check the message board Deb
.Petra> I think one of my largest problems is appealing to peole with simple techniques. Because some of us have played with clay so long its hard to remeber that there are a lot of newbies who have never
.Petra> even handled the stuff
.DebiSavannah> ok
.Gaby> Jan has been posting messages about the raffle for Helen
.Elizabeth> Just a sec' and I'll get it for you
.Patty> Our meetings usually have about a 15-20 minute business meeting, then we share stuff we've brought & how we did them.
.Patty> Thanks EBeth.
.Patty> We have 1 couple and he had never worked w/clay until he came to the meeting.
.Vicki> any other men? We have 2 now in our clayamies.
.Vicki> 2 out of 60, not too good a proportion!
.Patty> Now, he and his wife are recruiting another member.
.Petra> heheh yes I love it when that happens I had a man here last week and his wife was going to stay in the car. till she saw the minis then she was hooked
.DebiSavannah> well, this chat session is nearly over, I have learned so much and want to thank Patty for her time and generosity and motivational informaton.
SUNNISAN> over? already? wow, time flies.
.Patty> There is a radio disk jockey who may join. He sculpts.
SUNNISAN> THANK you patty!!
.Gaby> cool Patty
.Lyrael> Crud, I missed it all, didn't I? :( :( :(
.Petra> yes thanks Patty
.Dianne> At this point, let me say THANK YOU, PATTY!
.Elizabeth> Hello, Lyrael!
.Gaby> Thanks President!!!!!!!
.Lyrael> Hello
.Dianne> This was a wonderfully informative chat! We will end the official chat...
.Patty> Wow! Didn't know I'd been here this long. Anyone, if you want to contact me personally, send email: I'll try to answer any questions. This is a great group & ya'll been fun!!
.Lyrael> Thanks for that info Gaby, and thanks Patty, even though I missed the whole thing.

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