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"I first began sculpting fairies and other mythical creatures when I was 14 years old. I've loved fairies since the first time I saw Tinkerbell on Walt Disney, and in 9th grade I took an art class where I was introduced to clay. The two just seemed to go together.

Over the years I have had many influences that have changed my work. I think the biggest one and the one that has stuck with me over the past 25 years is the artistic works of the Art Nouveau period (1890-1910). I just get lost in the beauty of it. That style of art really celebrated the woman. It captures her essence. Strong, intelligent,filled with dignity and grace, certainty and aesthetics,quite beautiful flowy,alluring, and very feminine. I try to capture some of that in my sculptures.

My speciality is fantasy. I love it because there are no rules . Fantasy allows me to do whatever I think is most beautiful and interesting without barriers, and to use every inch of my imagination. To me, that is freedom. I can get lost for hours in the creation of a sculpture, the way that what is in my mind becomes reality through the clay is magical to me.

Most of my sculptures are sold in small art galleries and boutique/gift shops in the Tampa Bay area. This year my work was at the Sterling Renaissance Festival in New York. I sell wholesale and retail and about a year ago I made my own web site with several galleries and a store. I love doing business this way. It's a great way to sell to people I could otherwise not reach.

I believe that a person is as happy as he or she can create; whether it's a sculpture, painting or music, even a beautifully created family or a job. My wish is that everyone finds that thing that they love to do and create it to their heart's content."

Here's some lovely examples or Doreen's art.
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