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Robert Houghtaling

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Lion King Mug
This mug was done for Applause. It never went on the market. Super Sculpey over a wooden core.

This is a rough for a Warner Bros. collectible.

Christmas Ornament
This years (1998) Christmas ornament . About 4 inches high, Super Sculpey.

This small sculpture of Pocahontas, from the Disney movie of the same name was made into a cake topper by Applause. It can still be found in the bakery section of many large markets and at places like Baskin Robbins. It was done in Super Sculpey mixed with copper promat.

Young Smokey
This was done for The Hamilton Collection and appeared in TV Guide in Sept of '98. About 4 inches high. Made with a mix of Super Sculpey and promat.

Human Body Model
You can find this in your local book stores. Comes with a book to teach kids about the body. Most of this 12 inch high figure was done with polymer clay (outer skin, bones, muscles and internal organs). I used jewelry techniques to make the arteries, veins and nerves and some hard wax for textures and some plastic fabrication.
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