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Your Company Name: Amanda Rose Designs
Email Address/Web Page: abyrne@beadmaker.fsbusiness.co.uk
City & State: Cornwall, UK
Type of Craft: beads/jewellery

Tell us in your own words, how you discovered polymer clay and how long have you been using it?

I bought a few packs of Fimo in 1987, just thought It would be something to keep me occupied while I was ill. I realized I could make beads and the whole thing started from there. I'm still not well, but I believe I was given the spare time that comes with illness, so that I could discover what my true talents are.

Are there any special artists that you can attribute your interest to or that have inspired you?

Well, until recently, I didn't have a computer or the internet and was unaware that so much claying was happening in the world! I thought I was one of a handful of people in my country,(UK)! I will say, however, that Kris Richards introduced me to Polyform who make Sculpey, and I now about to have a tutorial up on their site. That's a big honour for me, to be recommended by someone well known and respected in the profession.

What is your specialty?

Jewellery and beads mainly, but I'm always experimenting with new ideas. I have a technique with transfers that may help overcome some of the problems that other clayers come across, I'd be happy to submit it to this site.

Can you tell us why you find polymer clay the expressive medium for you?

It's the only clay that can be utilised in so many different ways, at home in a domestic oven! It also gives a nice professional look to my work that other air hardening clay can't give. It's also durable, waterproof and light weight. That makes it very wearable!

Have you published any polymer clay books or do you have any in the works?

No, but I sure would love to do so. I have a tutorial on Sculpey's site soon.

I know it is very difficult to express, but have you won any awards for your polymer clay work?

er... not yet! Watch this space!

What are your expectations for the future? Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?

I really hope that I can afford to buy a website of my own and show/sell my work there. I would like to be earning enough to give up the pension that I get while I am ill, and earn enough to keep me in clay and chocolate!;-)

Do you have any advice for the beginning polymer clay enthusiasts?

Regarding jewellery and beads, Finding a style that sets you apart from the others, I think, is important. I have tried to do that over the years, and I think people can tell that it's mine. Just like an artist who paints, needs a style, so does a clay artist. There's inspiration everywhere, especially on this site, but it's another thing to be inspired and be original!

Are you a member of any Polymer Clay group,or any other craft organization?

No, but I am about to join the UK Polymer Clay Guild.

What brands of polymer clay do you prefer and why?

Sculpey - It's easier to condition and manipulate. Nice when you don't have the strongest hands. I am about to try Premo! which sounds like the Belgian Chocolate of the clay world!

Last and most important can you tell us all about you? Your family, your training?

I am 39, engaged to Charles with a little Bichon Frise dog called Paddy. I live in the most awesome part of the UK. Cornwall. I am inspired by the rich turquoise of the sea and the ochre beaches surrounding me. I use a lot of turquoise in my work! I've been making beads and clay for 16 years now, and have sold my work at various craft shops in Cornwall. Now it's time to start showing my work on the internet.

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