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Leaf Necklace Your Company Name: Polymer Playfuls
Email Address/Web Page: thelinns@cybertime.net
City & State: Redlands, CA
Type of Craft: polymerclay jewelry

Tell us in your own words, how you discovered polymer clay and how long have you been using it?

I checked out Creative Clay Jewelry from the local library 4 years ago. I wish I could say that I jumped in then. I didn't, I just kept checking out that book and started collecting--clay, tools, a pasta machine, heavy-duty direct drive food processor, finally bought that book and several others. Finally, 2 years ago I started working with the clay and feel in love. Oh, the things one can do...

Are there any special artists that you can attribute your interest to or that have inspired you?

There are so many...every artist whose work I look at seems to inspire me and make me take another direction. Right now Marie Segal and Karen Lewis with their organic work are a great inspiration.

What is your specialty?

Jewelry! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins. I love creating my canes and then finding out what I can make with them. I also enjoy the challenge of custom work...capturing someone else's vision, making it my own and giving it back to them in a tangible way.

Can you tell us why you find polymer clay the expressive medium for you?

Color and flexibility! I love mixing new colors and working with them to create new canes, beads and other pieces. I also enjoy how I can imitate fabrics and create jewelry that amazes others. (Oh! You must be soooo patient!)

Have you published any polymer clay books or do you have any in the works?

No, maybe some day, when I get the guts to write something and submit it.

I know it is very difficult to express, but have you won any awards for your polymer clay work?


What are your expectations for the future? Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?

In five years, I hope to still be creating and find my niche where I can support my husband through college. I hope to be involved with NPCG, which I am not now, be involved in a local guild as well, and helping others discover their own creativity.

Do you have any advice for the beginning polymer clay enthusiasts?

Keep playing...nothing is ever a complete failure, there is always something that can be learned and you never know what could be done with the "failure" of yours. Push your limits...don't ever say "I can't do that." And finally, look to the experts and find examples of others' work to inspire you and make you see beyond your own world view.

Are you a member of any Polymer Clay group,or any other craft organization?

Not yet! I tend to be really slow on these kind of things.

What brands of polymer clay do you prefer and why?

Fimo! I just condition it well and it makes strong, durable pieces without the colors getting muddy. I think I'd like Premo as well and I do use Sculptey III for inlay work but find it too soft for my canework.

Last and most important can you tell us all about you? Your family, your training?

I'm 27, married with a 7 year-old son who I homeschool, and try to live life passionately. I hold my beliefs very dear to me and live life in accordance with them. I've tried many crafts and done well with most of them, but none have ever caught my heart like clay has.

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