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2003 Swaps!

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DateSwap Name/
Description Status
# Wait list?Due In
11/15/03Mocha Java Pen Swap
Lauri Jean Crowe
Make 5, Receive 5. Up to 3 groups (total of 15 pens). Use coffee grounds in the clay. I created a page that shows a pen, detail and some tips on using coffee grounds in the clay:
Inspired by some gorgeous herbal beads I received on a memory wire bracelet swap from Dianna Mammone.
Signup by 11/30/03.
Closed! UnlYes12/30/03
10/27/03Newcomer Bead Swap
Susan Sheehan
This swap is designed for newbies, but anyone is welcome. The idea is to see what others are trying, learn something new and share. Not quite right beads are welcome! Requirements: 24 loose beads (4 sets of 6), the story behind the beads and how to's.
Signup by 10/31/03.
Closed! UnlNo11/21/03
10/7/03Flower Cane Swap
Lynne Schwarzenberg
Considering all the recent flurry about Leigh's millenium garden class, I thought it incredibly appropriate to host a FLOWER CANE SWAP! Since you need to have a whole array of different kinds of flowers to successfully make this type of jewelry, a swap would be PERFECT. Groups of 5 - join as many groups as you like. For each group you join, you will send in 5 identical pieces of flower cane that is at least 1/2" diameter and 2" long. CANES MUST HAVE A BLEACHED TRANSLUCENT (CFC 06) BACKGROUND!!!!!!!!! Canes must be individually wrapped in wax paper or saran. Include $2 for return postage.
Signup by 10/31/03.
Closed! G/5No11/30/03
10/2/03Animal Print Swap
Tonja Lenderman
Make anything you want as long as it has animal print on it. Examples: necklace, bracelet, earrings, pin, barrette, pen, magnet, etc.
Signup by 10/20/03.
Closed! G/10No12/1/03
9/19/03Multi Media~*GLITZY*~ Bead & Pendant or Vessel Swap
Amber Dawn
Make 4 sets of *4 beads and 1 focal piece such as a vessel or pendant*(4 sets of 5 pcs total)
Must be Glitzy in some way even if just dotted and hinted with glitz. You can use glitters, beads, rhinestones, mica, foil, anything to get the beads sparkling. You can create a clay covered vial or vessel that you impress designs into and embellish. If you need some ideas, try designing a star shape, or a magic wand shape with stones and glitters or fiber threads wrapped around the clay. Or Think Art Deco, using cane designs in black and white and adding Swarovski rhinestones to make the beads dazzle. Make beads no smaller than 1/2 inch.
All sets submitted must have your name and email address to identify your entries in this swap. Please send these to me with $3.00 in either cash or postage stamps and a return shipping address pre printed label or print out that you cut down to size or even a neatly hand written one so I can use it for return shipping.
Signup by 10/12/03.
Closed! 20Yes12/15/03
9/19/03Scarab Focal Bead Swap
Lauri Jean Crowe
Make 5, receive 5 in return. 4 groups. Sign up for more than 1 group. Scarab must be polymer but embellish as you see fit.
Signup by 10/15/03.
Closed! 20Yes11/15/03
9/2/03Covered Ink Pen Swap
Sandy Jacobs
Covered Ink Pen swap!! Creatively cover ink pens in ay design you wish. We will have groups of 5. (up to 15) You have your choice of 1,2, or 3 groups to make it simpler for you.
Signup by 10/1/03.
Closed! 15Yes11/1/03
8/30/03Christmas Ornaments
Christine Hopkins
Everyone makes 5 of the same Christmas Ornament, and receive 5 in return. Beginners especially encouraged/invited to participate!
Signup by 10/1/03.
Closed! OpenYes11/1/03
8/30/03Mold swap with 3 different categories
Amanda Miller
Faces, textured buttons, tiny critters
* Faces Group of 3 different faces
* Textured button 1 group = 5 different buttons
* Critters 1 group = 5 different critters
Number of swappers is open as long as we have enough for a full group.
Signup by 10/9/03.
Closed! 10Yes10/12/03
8/30/03Halloween 2003 Swap
Meghan O'Connor
Any small figure with a halloween theme, 3" height maximum to reduce postage.
Signup by 9/14/03.
Closed! 10No10/19/03
8/30/03Red Hat Society Swap
Meghan O'Connor
We all know women over 50. If you don't know what the Red Hat Society is, check out their homepage at redhatsociety.com. Let's make brooches/pins for our wacky elders! Must somehow reflect the Red Hat Society and be mostly red and purple. Let's say 3" square maximum to keep postage down, ok?
Signup by 9/14/03.
Closed! 15Yes10/1/03
8/19/03Rubber Stamp Addicts Unite!
Linda Hess
I have become totally addicted to rubber stamping and clay since I was introduced to it at Shrinemont this year. I think it would be wonderful to see what others are doing with this medium. Guidelines are simple: create an ornament or magnet using rubber stamps and polymer clay. The size doesn't matter...be creative...be bold...think outside the box :-) For each group you would like to be in make 5 pieces. Because of the time of year (craft shows are coming) I will limit this swap to 20 people total- 4 groups of 5.
Signup by 9/15/03.
Closed! 20Yes10/1/03
8/17/03Favorite Things
Kirsten Wierbinski
I request that every swapper that joins this swap make 5 of your favorite things. The things can be whatever you want them to be. Say your favorite thing is a cat, make a cat. Make it whatever you want it to be have fun with it!
Signup by 9/3/03.
Closed! G/5No9/25/03
8/14/03Vessel swap 2003
Ann Wierbinski
This swap is for groups of 5. Vessels can be bowls, glass covered jars, free hand jars or bottles, vases, tins... whatever strikes your fancy. If you would like to sign up for more than one group just let me know how many.
Signup by 9/15/03.
Closed! G/5No10/15/03
8/14/03Goddess Runes
This is a 5 for 5 Goddess Rune stone swap.... each swapper will make 5 complete Goddess Rune sets and will receive 5 sets back. If more than 5 people sign up I will consider setting up additional groups of 5.
Signup by 8/30/03.
Closed! 5No9/15/03
8/9/03Stick Swap
Stephanie Martin
A swap idea inspired by the AZ Polymer Clay Guild. Each stick is made of polymer clay, with various embellishments if desired, and when placed in a jar they make an interesting centerpiece or display. The original hostess had to cancel, so Iím taking her place. Looking at groups of 10 or so, although final group size will be determined by those who sign up. AZ Polymer Clay Guild swap photos can be seen here http://home.att.net/~reserved/swapswticks.htm
Signup by 8/23/03.
Closed! 30Yes11/1/03
7/29/03Memory wire Bracelet
Ruthe Paul
Use Memory wire and your polymer beads to make a bracelet. Any color choice and any size beads.
Signup by 8/15/03.
Closed! 5Yes10/15/03
7/29/03Clasps in CLay
Miranda Carroll
Create a larger clasp (3/4 inch or more) out of clay for use on a necklace piece, box, purse, etc. Could be a toggle clasp, S clasp, hook and eye, anything you like.
Signup by 9/15/03.
Closed! 10Yes10/15/03
7/18/03Landscape Cane Pins
Judy Al-Ahmary
Send 5 pins made with landscape cane slices. Pins have to be 1.5 square inches minimum. Other than that, anything goes.
Signup by 8/18/03.
Closed! 20Yes10/15/03
7/12/03Light Switch Plates
Elizabeth Connors
This is for a 5 for 5 Light Switch Plate swap.... each swapper will make 5 Light Switch Plates. They can either be single or double plates.
Signup by 8/15/03.
Closed! 20No9/15/03
7/4/03Clay Covered Pens
Ann Wierbinski
The name says it all... The pens can be covered with any designs you wish, they can be with or without caps or stands.
Signup by 7/31/03.
Closed! G/10No9/12/03
6/6/03Pin Swap
Dianna Mammone
Pins! Fun and funky. No smaller than 1 square inch. Any technique, make them interesting. First 20 people and 5 people on wait list in case someone drops out.
Signup by 7/20/03.
Closed! 20Yes/59/1/03
5/30/03Mini Animal Mix-ups Swap
Michele Gault
Make a new type animal from any 2 or more animals. Animals should be no bigger than 3" approximately, made mostly of polymer clay with whatever add-ons the artist might want to use. Each new animal should come with a new species name and a brief description. Animals should be sent in adequately protected packaging with an address label and enough postage for your return items.
Signup by 6/30/03.
Closed! 10Yes10/10/03
5/25/03All-Size Bracelet Swap
Kim Day
Everyone e-mails their bracelet size in inches, receives back the measurements of five other people to make bracelets for. Groups of six, make 5 bracelets for the 5 other people in the group, receive back 5 bracelets that are your size from 5 different people. Possibility of second group with earlier deadline if desired.
Signup by 6/7/03.
Closed! G/5No9/1/03
5/25/03KID'S SWAP
Lynne Schwarzenberg
With mommy getting into a bunch of swaps lately, my 6 year old is getting jealous and she wants me to organize a KID'S SWAP! I think it's a great idea since a lot of us have kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces who like to play with clay and I think getting them into a swap would be GREAT! Here's the details: Open to kids up to age 12, anything goes...beads, jewelry,figurines, weird little objects, whatever. Try not to help the kids make the stuff...let it be their own creation no matter how rudimentary. Unlimited groups of 3 (send 3, get 3...send 6 get 6, max of 6).
Signup by 6/10/03.
Closed! G/3No6/30/03
5/17/03Multi Bead Swap
Sheila Dillard
This swap is for 20 participants. Make 10 sets of 5 beads, get 10 different sets back. Beads can be any size, color, or shape - the only requirement is that they are of polymer clay. Send the beads in protected package with an address label and postage for your return items.
Signup by 5/25/03.
Closed! 20No6/25/03
4/30/03Earring Swap
Any shape or color, not too big, and must be with polymer beads. Anything like glass or other beads is welcome.
Sign begins by 4/29/03.
Closed! 3G/5No5/22/03
4/18/03Cat Swap
Amanda Lee Miller
Click here for details!
Sign up by 5/6/03.
Closed! 20Yes7/15/03
4/14/03Tiny Tea Set Swap
Stephanie Caplinger
Make a tiny tea set. Include at least the tea kettle and two cups, saucers and spoons are optional. The tea kettle should be about the size of a quarter, the other items should be made to scale. Other than that, just let your imagination run wild.
Sign up by 5/17/03.
Closed! UnlNo6/21/03
4/12/03Lizard Jewelry Swap
Beverly Michie
Make 10 finished pieces of jewelry with a lizard theme! No beads or cane slices - finished jewelry only!
Sign up by April 30.
Closed! 10Yes7/15/03
4/3/03Hibiscus Bead swap
After a visit to Hawaii I felt that we have to have a Hibiscus bead swap. The flowers are just begging to be captured in polymer clay. The colors, the gradations, the leaf vain structure, and the grace say "put me into a cane please". So, if you feel the same than join this swap. I have put together somewhat strict instructions so that the beads eventually will be suitable to create a nice necklace. 2 beads each, 3/4'' diameter, 1/4'' thick, with a hole, black background. Click for inspiration.
Sign up by April 25.
Closed! 20No5/30/03
3/1/03Easter Surprise
Darlene Pringle
To make a small item no larger then 5" in relation to Easter 2003.
Sign up by -.
Closed! 10No3/15/03
2/18/03Art Bead Swap
Ok, had an idea this morning... In response to the recent reaction to the MetalSmith article, I propose a swap.Click for Details!
Sign up by 3/10/03.
Closed! G/5No5/4/03
2/12/03Christian Art!
Robin Johnston
Using Polymer clay, beads, wire, or other mixed media goodies, make something reflecting your Christian heritage! It could be a stained glass window, a cross, a saint medal, etc etc. No real limits, just creativity and sensitivity!
Sign up by 3/14/03.
Closed! 12No3/16/03
2/7/03Symbolism/Amulet Swap
Lynne Schwarzenberg
Click Here for Swap Details:
Sign up by 2/28/03.
Closed! UnlNo3/31/03
2/7/03Odds and Ends Swap
Christal Whitaker
Make anything out of polymer clay any skill level wanted.
Sign up by 3/10/03.
Closed! 5No5/1/03
1/8/03Another Miracle Mold Swap
Tonja Lenderman
5 molds per group you request, all the same, made with Miracle Mold only. Molds must be the size of a nickel or larger.
Sign up by 2/4/03.
Closed! G/5No3/20/03
12/1/02Outstanding Pictures
Lysle Shields
Take a 5" x 7" picture and useing Polymer clay make an object seem to be coming out of the picture. The Polymer clay MUST be visable.
Sign up by 1/15/03.
Closed! G/5Yes3/21/03
11/23/02PCC Inspired Covered Tin Swap
Connie Pelkey
Click here for Swap Details!!!
Sign up by 12/6/02.
Closed! G/5Yes2/15/03

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