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Barbara Calfee

Barbara Calfee
Willoughby Hills, OH 44094
Website: N/A

Background Information

Years Teaching: 20
Years Teaching Clay: 10+
Years Working w/Clay:  16
School or Studio:  N/A
Freelance:  Yes
Specialties: Canework, vessels, garden art, Balinese Filigree, Jewelry
First Experience With Clay:  I was introduced to PC while watching the "Mother" of Craft shows - Carol Duvall on HGTV.
Past Teaching Experiences:  I've taught many private classes for chilren - some were focused totally on the clay, others were tied into my other love - tutoring children in Reading. When I taught at the studio (some years ago) I was the instructor who introduced Polymer Clay to a curriculum that had been limited to paper crafts - my classes would have 6-10 women who had NO experience - but came out loving it!! My work was featured at two local studios in Painesville OH - unfortunately, when the ecomony tanked, both studios closed. However, much of my work was purchased at both studios!
Publication Experience: N/A
Teaching Level:  Professional

Lesson Information

Private Lessons:  Yes
How Far Will Travel: 20-25 miles
Reimbursed Expenses: Travel expenses at current Federal mileage rate, any clay the students bought from me & special ephemera.
Group Lessons:  Yes
Minimum Number of Students: 2
Maximum Number of Students: 8
How Far Will Travel: 25 miles
Reimbursed Expenses: Travel expenses at current Federal mileage rate, any clay the students bought from me & special ephemera.

Class Prep Time:  I need to be booked at least 1 month prior to the class. Once I arrive, I would need 45 minutes "set up" time before working with students.
Maximum Consecutive Days Teaching:  3 (4 hour classes)
Class Listings & Descriptions: This describes my 5 basic courses. I have 3 more that can be taken as advanced courses.
1. POLYMER CLAY - JUST THE FACTS MA'AM (This class covers, safety and clay, the differences between the brands, the versatility of clay, the need to knead, using a pasta machine vs. an acrylic roller, typical items a beginner would need and how to cut the costs of entering into this craft. A simple project completes the class)
2. EXTRUDING POLYMER CLAY - PASTA THAT YOU JUST CAN'T EAT (I cover the proper use of the extruders sold on the market, all uses for extruded clay are covered including Balinese Filigree, "painting with clay," 6-8 beginner canes which utilize extruded clay,cleaning the extruder. each student can select 1 project out of 3 to do in class)
3. STAMPING AND POLYMER CLAY - A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN (First, I address how to purchase the best stamps for use with polymer clay; stamping on clay; making projects from stamped, baked clay; applying paint, embossing powder, Rub-n-Buff™, gold leaf to stamped clay; how to clean stamps. In addition, a project - each student can select 1 project out of 5 to do in class)
4. COVERING ITEMS IN CLAY - EVERYBODY NEEDS A BLANKET (We do 3 projects - a covered GLASS item, a covered EGG, a covered WOODEN BOX.)
5. BEAD MAKING - EVERYTHING FROM WHIMSY TO NATURE KNOCK-OFFS (I cover the special tools needed to make beads, the shapes - from easy to most difficult - that beads come in, how to make a beaded necklace which incorporates basic jewelry findings - they leave the class with an elasticized bracelet made from beads made in class that day)

Words of Encouragement to Novice Teachers:

"#1. I would ask to see some of the artist's work and make a mental evaluation of her use of proper techniques.
#2 I would then give her a mini-quiz on polymer clay vocabulary, terms, and techniques. First asking her to define the term, then asking if she's done it - and if so, would she have that item available for review.
#3 I would suggest that she photograph every project every done and put them in a Portfolio.
#4 After evaluating her "head knowledge" of PC and evaluating actual pieces, I would either tell her that I thought she, indeed, was ready to teach OR become an assistant to another PC teacher - sort of like 'student teaching. If the work didn't seem up to par, I'd suggest that she get on www.polymerclaycentral, read the tutorials, AND DO THEM - this person needs to accumulate examples of her ability to use tools, inclusions, and techniques. Then after a month or so of brushing up on her skills, I'd give her a very similar verbal test and see if sufficient progress has been made. Quite likely, she has and she's ready to TEACH!! "

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